An Item Found In Most Households Can Erase Skin Tags Better Than Prescription Drugs

Updated March 17, 2017

If you’ve ever had those little flaps of skin that form around your neck, eyes, armpits, or anywhere else skin rubs or creases, then you know just how annoying and irritating skin tags can be.

While these things are usually harmless, they’re not very pretty and people usually go to the doctor to get them sliced off.

But if you’ve got skin tags and want them gone, there’s a simple home remedy that’s been proven to work. And all you need is something available at every grocery store in America.

The alternative to surgery is probably already in your pantry. What is it? Apple cider vinegar. That’s right, this brown vinegar, when applied to your skin tags, can remove them in days.

This inexpensive, and all-natural treatment can be done at home and won’t force you to shell out the cash to see a doctor.

Even Dr. Doug Willen, the author of Quantum Paleo, says that you should use apple cider vinegar to remove your skin tags.

All you need to do to remove skin tags with this household product is:

1) Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar (ACV)

2) Apply it to the skin tag 2-3 times per day

3) Repeat for about a week

4) The skin tag will change color and darken.

5) Then it will fall off naturally

According to, “More than half if not all of the general population has been reported to have skin tags at some time in their lives. Although tags are generally acquired (not present at birth) and may occur in anyone, more often they arise in adulthood. They are much more common in middle age, and they tend to increase in prevalence up to age 60. Children and toddlers may also develop skin tags, particularly in the underarm and neck areas. Skin tags are more common in overweight people. Hormone elevations, such as those seen during pregnancy, may cause an increase in the formation of skin.” says “It is important to keep in mind that skin tags usually do not have to be treated. Deciding not to have treatment is always a reasonable option if the growths are not bothersome. If the tags are bothersome, multiple homes and medical treatment options are available.”

Some at-home options for removal that they recommend are tying off the skin tag with a thin piece of string or dental floss. They also recommend freezing it off with liquid nitrogen or burning it off.

Have you ever had a skin tag? Did you try to remove it?

View the video below to see the super simple method for yourself!

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