As Gang Drags Bloodied Cop Into Woods To Kill Him, He Hits Remote To Release His K9

Updated November 29, 2017

I hereby submit this story to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as the definition of a “close call.” It really doesn’t get much closer to this. In a recent incident, a group of gang members attacked a police officer. The three thugs stabbed him with a box cutter and then tried to drag the officer’s bloodied body into the woods, where they planned to do only God knows what with him.

That day on May 25, 2015, easily could have been the last day of Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Frazier’s life. But despite being beaten and stabbed and outmanned by the gang members, the deputy still had an ace in the hole. What was it? He still his K-9 partner to come to his rescue.

While the gang members were dragging his bloodied body into the woods to “dispose” of him, Deputy Frazier got a hand free and then pressed a button on a remote control. This button did one thing and one thing only. It unleashed his trusty K-9 unit. And the dog rushed over to help Deputy Frazier and save him from the would-be murderers.

This incident occurred in Hancock, Mississippi. And if Deputy Frazier didn’t have his canine friend, Lucas, then he might not have survived the attempt on his life that May day in 2015. Lucas is a black Belgian Malinois. And when his officer buddy needed him most, he came running to the rescue.

Frazier had merely been called in to investigate a single male sitting alone in a car seat at a rest stop. The man’s presence had been suspicious, so the police were called in to make sure the man wasn’t a threat to other commuters. As it turned out, he was a threat.

Deputy Frazier approached the vehicle. And when he did, two other men came out of nowhere and ambushed the law enforcement officer. Quickly, the odds turned in the thugs’ favor. It was three against one, and Deputy Frazier was pummeled into a bloody pulp. He remembers the encounter like it was yesterday.

“I had three people on me, and I’m not a very big man, and they basically whipped my butt,” the law enforcement officer admitted.

The gang members told Frazier that they were going to kill him. They started to drag him off into the woods where they would finish him off any way they desired. The Deputy knew that he had only one chance to turn his life around. He reached for the remote control and unleashed Lucas the K-9 unit.

“I had a button on my belt that I wear, and when I hit the button Lucas jumped out of the car and attacked all three of them, and they ran away. That’s why he’s my hero.”

Because Lucas is trained to protect and serve, the three gang members didn’t stand a chance against him. And Deputy Frazier is forever in the dog’s debt. He couldn’t be happier to have the best buddy as a partner while fighting crime.

Watch the video below to see what happened.