As Her Daughter Died, Mom Didn’t Call 911; Her Excuse Is The Most Vile Cops Ever Heard

Updated October 4, 2017

As a Texas woman watched her daughter die, she decided NOT to pick up the phone and call 911 because her cell phone didn’t have many minutes. And because she valued those few minutes, she decided to make them the priority instead of her daughter’s health. As a result her daughter died. Bexar County Sheriff’s office watched Jessica Briones, 34, carry her unresponsive 4-year-old daughter to the police substation. She admitted that she had accidentally slammed a door on the girl’s arm on September 5. Briones then told police that she didn’t call 911 because her phone was low on minutes. Instead she decided to carry her dying daughter to the police office. But now that police are investigating the truth, it seems that Briones has run out of excuses.

When Briones hauled her daughter into the San Antonio station, she was huffing and puffing. And then she told the cops with a straight face that she decided to carry her in because her phone was running out of minutes – and she would not be able to call 911.

The little girl, who was named Olivia, was rushed to a nearby hospital. But she did not make it. The next day she was officially pronounced dead. And police were not prepared to act kindly toward her mother who had prioritized her phone’s minutes instead of her daughter’s health. And the minutes that were lost could have been pivotal in saving Olivia’s life.

Doctors found that Olivia had bleeding and swelling around her brain. This was consistent with a head trauma. And upon a proper medical exam, the investigators found that Olivia was pretty badly beaten. She had a swollen nose, scars on her scalp, a black eye, two swollen arms and a deflated lung. What could have caused such trauma? Her mother had a lot of excuses, but none really got to the point.

As the police questioned Briones, she admitted that her daughter had fallen down. And on September 1 she had slipped and fell on her head. And that blow had been severe.

Then the investigators asked Briones how a fall caused so much damage to her arms and lungs. She mentioned how she had slammed the door on the girl but that hardly explained it all.

But investigators were not buying Briones’s tale. And then they slammed her with an arrest warrant and threw her in jail. Briones has been accused with causing bodily harm on her 4-year-old daughter.

Briones also said that her daughter had been vomiting and couldn’t wake up the next morning. The poor girl was not in good hand with her mother. She should have known something was terribly wrong then.

And while the cause of death is still undeclared, prosecutors are just waiting to see if they can upgrade their charges to murder. It all hinges on the medical examiner’s findings.

Do you think Briones’s charges will be upgraded to murder? Should Texas go easy on her or prosecute her to the full extent that the law will allow?