As Soon As Cops See Evidence Of What Principal Did To 7-Year-Old Student, They Make Him Pay

Updated April 28, 2017

Some terrible news has just come out of New York. 42-year-old elementary school principal Michael Spencer-Edwards has been accused of pulling 7-year-old Hasheem Welch from the school cafeteria. The child was “being disruptive in class”, so the principal of P.S. 202 in East New York decided to get physically abusive.

While the principal dragged the boy through the school hallway, he kicked and abused the boy. And you don’t have to take the boy’s word for it – Principal Spencer-Edwards was caught on camera in the act of violence…

It was March 13 when the principal decided to be physically violent toward 7-year-old Hasheem. The boy had been seen wearing a banned hooded sweatshirt and the principal had had enough of the disruptive child.

After the abuse was received, the second-grade child had bruises all over his body, including his face and stomach.

“He lifted up his shirt, his stomach was green and blue,” his mother Shema McKenzie told CBS2.

By no means was Hasheem a pillar of good behavior in the classroom. The boy had been accused of hitting a teacher. But his mother said she was not notified of the incident until numerous days after it had happened.

On Tuesday, Spencer-Edwards was arrested. The investigation into the abuse lasted for a month and police had finally gathered enough evidence to make the arrest. He now has been charged with assault and acting in a manner that is injurious toward a child.

When the principal first spoke to police, he said that Hasheem was acting in an inappropriate manner. He had then resorted to corporal punishment to teach the boy a lesson. Apparently, other forms of discipline had never worked on the out-of-control Hasheem.

Because the principal was out of line, he has been removed from P.S. 202.

The community is outraged to learn that the principal, who had been a pillar of authority in the community, has been arrested for abuse of a child.

“This alleged behavior is deeply disturbing and has no place in our schools. This principal has been removed from the school and reassigned away from students,” a statement from the city’s Department of Education said. “We are providing additional guidance and ongoing support to the school community.”

This is not the first time Principal Spencer-Edwards has made national headlines for controversial treatment of the children. Last year, he banned students from a school Valentine’s Day event. Why? Because they had not worn pajamas as the event flier had specified. Is he too strict for his own good?

Before the boy had been abused, other parents had filed complaints to the school because Hasheem had been bullying their children.

Readers on the Daily Mail think so. Here are a number of popular comments shared on their site:

“Grrrrrrr! If it was my child the man would have ran to turn himself in because jail would be the only safe place for him!” shared a Charleston resident.

“Hm, I think I’ll take the opposite advice from GOD HIMSELF in the Bible.”

What do you think should happen to this former principal?

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