As Soon As Doctors Saw Her Newborn, They Knew It Was A 1-In-A-Million Occurrence

Updated August 10, 2017

If you’ve ever seen a couple with amazing hair, then surely you’ve thought about how their child is destined to have great hair just like them. It happens all the time when we see specific traits that stand out, whether it’s eye color, height or even certain birth marks that stand out.

When South Carolina resident, Brianna Worthy found out she was pregnant, she wondered if her baby girl would be born with the same white streak that she has in her hair. The feature, which has been passed down from several generations, is called poliosis, which means that it is basically lacking pigment in one specific spot. While Brianna’s hair looks like something that has been designed in a salon, it is a genetic trait that she is proud to have.

And now her baby, Millianna can be proud of the genetic feature as well. Baby Millianna has quickly become the “it” baby on the internet because she was born with a rare head of hair. The majority of her head consists of dark brown curls, except for one white streak front and center, matching her mom’s own white streak perfectly.

Brianna’s mother and grandmother also have the distinguished streak. The grandmother was adopted as a baby and it’s unknown if her mother had the white streak as well.

Often it’s just a white spot, but in some cases, it accompanies the skin disease vitiligo.

While Brianna was often bullied as a child and called a skunk, she is glad that her daughter inherited the trait. It skipped over Brianna’s younger sister, so everyone in the family was grateful to see it continue on in Millianna.

The world is smitten with Millianna’s white streak and her photos have received millions of likes on Facebook, but at times it can be challenging to constantly have to answer strangers’ questions…

“The majority of the time I welcome the polite comments and don’t mind answering the many questions, but honestly, it can be overwhelming at times. When I’m in a rush and just trying to do what I need and keep going,” said Brianna, who is happy to have a family tradition that she can keep passing down, even if she gets questioned a lot. She is raising Millianna to embrace her unique appearance and hopes that she always knows that she is unique and special.

Nowadays all different colors and styles are acceptable for hair, but it’s still probably a bit shocking to see a baby with such a prominent feature.

Commenters shared their opinions on Millianna’s hair…

“I can imagine people stopping her outraged that she bleached her babies hair.”

Lucky for Millianna, one of the top kids’ movies has a heroine who has a light streak in her hair too…

“Mommy make her watch frozen.she’ll like that she looks like Anna.”

“I would love to have something like that as a birth mark it’s gorgeous!”

“Her daughter is an Anime protagonist. Her hair is so pretty!!!”

“She’s like a real-life Rogue from X-Men.”