As Soon As He Pulled This Shark On Board, He Knew There Wasn’t Much Time So He Acts Fast

Updated August 25, 2016

With global climate change gripping the world with a force that is virtually unstoppable, many people are now becoming increasingly educated in wild species, extinct species, and how to treat animals with respect so that our world will not be void of wildlife.

Part of the new respect for wildlife and animals that has come forth also brings people to want to catch others who are cruel to animals.  One person videotaped what is perhaps one of the most cruel and gruesome fishing videos you might ever see of a hammerhead shark getting torn apart by a fisherman on deck.

A fisherman came into port after catching a 9 foot hammerhead shark, and was dissecting it to get valuable produce out of it.  Many people were very unhappy with the video though because of what he found inside of the shark.

The fisherman opened up the shark’s belly, and started to find little baby sharks on the inside.  In fact, there were several of them!  He reached inside, and started to pull the baby sharks out one by one.

He would reach his hand in, and then pull out yet another one, right after the one he just got.  This was evidently a mother shark, with many babies that were all being killed.  This one shark catch, whether illegal or not, was actually 35 catches in one, which comes at a great environmental cost.

Sharks are endangered species, whose populations need to be monitored so that they are not over fished and driven to extinction.

The video was taken by a person on holiday named Jeff Bratcher, who was at the docks at the time this fisherman was pulling the babies out of the mother shark.  By the end of the procedure, a pool of blood and 34 babies along with their mother were lying lifeless on the dock.

Though this is the nature of the trade, many people took the video as an atrocity and called to attention how bad this type of fishing is for fish species, and some even want authorities to find the fisherman and speak to him on the proper way to catch his fish.

The video has received over 1.4 million views, and has a 70% dislike rating due to how many people were horrified by what they saw on camera.

Shark fishing has long been the topic of much debate, which has caused classic dishes like shark fin soup to shoot up in price due to the regulations that are placed on fishing these creatures.

This one catch is extremely devastating for the oceans, and many like these are made all the time, so drawing attention to the mass killing of these creatures is important to keep our oceans’ ecosystems safe.

If you want to see the video of the babies getting pulled out from the mother shark, you can watch the video below and see the footage for yourself, but be warned that the content my be graphic for some viewers.

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