As Soon As TSA Workers Realized What Was In His Suitcase, They Immediately Yelled For Help

Updated August 10, 2017

Transportation staff at airports, train stations, and bus stops have seen a lot of odd luggage, but one of the most bizarre luggage incidents occurred in China recently. Security agents will be talking about this one for a long time.

When a traveler named Zheng went through the security check at the Duyun bus station in Guizhou Province, workers were alerted when two human arms were spotted on the x-ray. This may have been the first time that someone has attempted to travel with limbs.

When Zheng was questioned about the rare baggage, he said that they were the limbs of his older brother which had been amputated. He wanted to take them back home to be buried.

Unsure of the situation, the workers called the police. When they arrived on the scene they inspected the blue bag and found two rotting arms stacked on top of one another and wrapped in several layers of plastic bags.

According to Zheng, it was a custom to bring the limbs back home to be buried. When he was detained by police and questioned, he had proof that the limbs belonged to his brother and handed over a medical statement. Evidently, his older brother had been a victim in an electrical shock accident and he lost both of his arms. According to a custom in Zheng’s village, people need to be buried with all of their body parts, which is why he was bringing the parts back to his village. His brother is currently still alive and receiving treatment for the accident at a hospital.

As you can see below, the x-ray of the arm was crystal clear…

There is no mistaking that is a human arm.

China’s road transport regulation states that a person can transfer body parts if they have a medical statement, proof from the health department and proof from the police department. When Zheng presented the medical statement, the police let him off, however; if was asked to take other forms of transport out of consideration for the consideration of the other passengers.

Commenters found humor in the odd situation…

“The strangest of stories always seem to come out of China, it’s so laughable.”

“I hope he kept those within an arm’s reach!”

“Was he trying to smuggle smalls arms into the country!!”

“I hope his brother gave written permission.”

“Umm. And this is normal over there?!?”

“So got caught by the long arm of the law.”

Others commented on the fact that transportation regulations have their priorities a bit off…

“But they’ll take my lotion. Not severed arms though.”

It’s no surprise that the authorities were a bit alarmed by the limb sighting. It’s clearly not something that we see every day and while it is the custom in Zheng’s village, it’s quite odd to see in other parts of the world. Seeing lifeless limbs, in general, is a bit of a shocker and it sounds like something a mass murderer would try to do…travel with limbs.