At Tom Petty’s Final Performance, He Brings Out Special Guest; Proves Why He Is Such A Legend

Updated October 6, 2017

Not that you do, but if you had any question about why Tom Petty was considered a music legend, his final performance with Stevie Nicks proves why. He was a heartbreaker through and through and has never stopped living the rock and roll dream throughout his long career. As reports came in that Tom Petty died on October 2, 2017, the world quickly went to their favorite recordings of his and played them on repeat. And the world will forever remember him for his songwriting abilities. And while many of his songs will forever be remembered, when he partnered up with Stevie Nicks to write “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” they created a one of a kind song that went on to be one of their most famous tracks.

Tom Petty had a friendship with Stevie Nicks that lasted decades. And during his final performance, the 66-year-old Tom Petty, who was previously inducted into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame, brought Stevie Nicks up on stage so the two of them to play. While neither knew it would be the last time they’d play music together, they played their songs as if it was. And that attitude, that this could be the last day, was what separated Tom Petty from the rest of the lot.

The performance below happened at London’s Hyde Park back in July 2017. Just a few months before Tom Petty passed away. And although he may have been well into his sixties, he still had some musical tricks left to shock the audience. And one of them was that he had Stevie Nicks backstage and he was asking her to come out and join him in a duet.

When Stevie Nicks walked out on stage, the crowd erupted into applause. It is not every day that you get to see two music legends on the same stage for the price of one admission.

But that’s what they got. With Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks together again, the audience was blown away as they started playing the classic song.

In the video performance below, Nicks joins Petty on stage about halfway through at the 6:22 mark in the clip.

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched the video. And many of them shared their thoughts about the amazing duet Nicks and Petty made together.

Some comments came in before Petty’s death.

“Stevie Nicks… best female rocker to date.”

“Such a great gig. So glad I found this. I stopped recording when the clapping and sing-a-long started at the end of Don´t Come Around Here No More. I got a little teary eyed at this point . Was so glad to be there.”

Others watched the clip after her passed and realized they were watching the end of an era.

“A Big part of my youth died on Monday, Tom You will be Missed  RIP”

“RIP Tom Petty—Stevie must be in complete breakdown right now. This song is how I will remember you!”

“i was there and it was one of the best nights of my life, such a great performer RIP”

What does losing Tom Petty mean to you?