Authorities Have A Hunch, Cut Open Snake. Leads To Find They Were Praying Was Just A Rumor

Updated April 4, 2017

We always hear about the strength of a python but seldom do we get to witness its pure evil nature in action. One man was victim to possibly one of the worst and most frightening deaths when he was struck by a python.

When twenty-five-year-old Akbar Salubiro went missing on a Sunday evening, his friends began to worry. The last they had heard from him was that he was going out to harvest palm oil in a remote village on the island of West Salowesi, Indonesia. His wife, Munu happened to be away at the time he went missing, so she didn’t discover what really happened to him until after the fact when it was spread all over the news. Salubiro’s tragic death is something that we all fear. It is what we see in horror movies and seldom hear about in real life.

His worried friends and relatives showed up at Salubiro’s house in search of him, but instead, came across a 7-meter long python sprawled out in his backyard garden.

In the gruesome video below you can watch as a few brave souls capture the python and slice open its stomach with an 18-inch long hunting knife. The knife doesn’t get far before they realize that a pair of boots reveals themselves inside the snake’s belly. As they get further along, Salubiro’s lifeless body is in plain view.

The night before Salubiro went missing, locals said they had heard cries coming from the direction of his home. Evidently, the cries were coming from Salubiro’s horrific fear and pleas for help.

Pythons are known to strike their prey and they will jump out at them and use their teeth to grab and pull the victims in. They then continue holding onto their victim with their teeth while they use their body to coil around the body, whether it be the body of a deer or a human. This cuts off the victim’s blood supply and leaves them lifeless before the python swallows the body, which is sometimes bigger than their own body. Then, they are able to distend their jaws and take in the victim, swallowing them whole.

Talk about one of the worst ways to end a life. The community is grieving the sad and tragic loss of a friend and relative.

Pythons are known to live in warm climates and aren’t typically found north of Florida.

Commenters were appalled by the work of the evil creature…

“Hence why I don’t live in Florida! We have rattlesnakes in upstate NY! At least they tell you they are there! Usually with decent space for protection! They might bite but at least you don’t get eaten! Rip this poor man!”

And several commented on the unbelievability of it all…

“This is so hard to believe. Wow!”

“Nasty way to go. Some parts of the world have these perils as part of daily life. Let’s keep some perspective. These people might find it more horrifying to be shot to death in a mass shooting in a mall in the suburbs than to be tackled by a giant python.”