Autistic Teen Honored By Town For His Efforts To Help Kids With Cancer He’s Never Even Met

Updated July 14, 2017

A 15-year-old boy with autism has donated more than 15,000 crayons and 1,500 coloring books to children with cancer. Carter Crockett, the freshman at Millville High School in New Jersey but near Philadelphia has decided to dedicate himself to helping children diagnosed with cancer. And he spent an entire year collecting crayons and coloring books to give to the state-of-the-art St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Now his good work is being recognized.

Carter didn’t want the charity campaign to focus on him at all. It was all about the children diagnosed with cancer and he simply wanted to help them.

“I’m putting my autism on the side so I can help them.”

Carter’s generosity has impressed his family and members of his community. Now the entire country is applauding the boy for helping children in need.

“The fact that he was feeling compassion toward other people is huge because that’s not something that autistic kids have – that’s really hard for them to do,” Carter’s mother Patti Crockett told the local Fox News affiliate.

Carter decided to follow through with his plan when he was having dinner at a restaurant during a fundraising campaign for St Jude’s Hospital.

St Jude’s Children’s Hospital is known for their generous policy of treating children with cancer at no cost for their parents and families. In America, where health care is so expensive, this is a huge benefit to parents of sick kids.

Because he wanted the sick kids to have some fun and relief while undergoing the difficult treatment, he spent a year collecting coloring items from his family and friends.

“He came to me and said ‘Mom, I want to do something for these kids,” said Carter’s mother. “I have autism but these kids have cancer and their lives are at risk.’ I said well your right.”

But why did he decided to collect coloring books and crayons? For that question, Carter had a simple answer.

“Everyone loves to color,” said Carter. “I thought I could bring color back into their lives.”

Chili’s, the restaurant that inspired his generous idea, also donated t-shirts, gift cards, toys, hats and more fun items.

Carter, his mom and two of his friends loaded the donated items into a camper van and set off on the road from Philadelphia to Memphis. They were on a mission to deliver the donations in person at St Jude’s.

“Well, everyone loves to color…and I thought, maybe I could bring color back into their lives by donating crayons and coloring books,” said Carter.

When Carter and his crew arrived at St Jude’s the staff and doctors cheered for the young man. He was also honored by the Millville Police Department for being such a generous young man despite his autism diagnosis.

The news of Carter’s generosity first when viral when his mom posted a picture of all the donated items they had collected.

“I posted a video of him a month ago on Facebook and it blew up,” said Carter’s mom. “It got almost 5,500 views. It has exploded. We were overwhelmed. Chili’s contacted us because they saw the video and they have been a huge supporter.”

In the video below, you can watch Millville honoring their generous young citizen. What he did was special and will bring much joy to the sick children at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

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