Baby Found Strapped Into Car Seat In An Abandoned Car, Then They See What Else Is Inside

Updated October 3, 2017

No one thought twice about the discarded doll along Interstate 40 in Oklahoma City. It was left along with litter in the grass and weeds along the side of the road. Because people were driving by at such speeds, it was impossible for anyone to tell exactly what it was. But when a church bus driver slowed down his vehicle for a better look, he realized that it was not a doll at all. It was a tiny baby strapped into a car seat and left abandoned a few feet from the bustling highway. As cars sped past at break-neck speeds, the infant cried and hollered. It was abandoned with no one near it. No one to love it. And it was at the mercy of the world around it.

Roger Prater was the church driver to pull over. And he couldn’t believe that he had found an infant abandoned along the highway. It was a little baby boy. And he needed some love. Desperately.

“It was not moving. Its eyes were closed,” Roger Prater told The Oklahoman. “I thought, ‘Lord, don’t let this thing be hurt,'” Prater said.

After the church bus pulled over, other people started stopping. People could not believe that a 1-month old baby was abandoned along the Oklahoma highway. It was un-Christian and behavior totally uncharacteristic of the kindness one comes to expect from the Midwest.

The poor infant was abandoned on the highway and was facing the oncoming traffic.

Someone who stopped helped change the baby’s diaper. And then another person called 911.

Although the child appeared healthy, it was scared. The baby was even a model of a well-behaved infant. Someone pulled him out of the car seat and rocked the abandoned baby back and forth. He was taken into a car and out of the burning Oklahoma sun that had sent temperatures into the 90s.

Police arrived at the scene. And when they started investigating, they found that $5,000 cash was stuffed into the car seat. Someone had abandoned the child and left money for it to go to a good home.

Along with the cash was the baby’s social security card.

First responders say that the infant was not abandoned for long. They think he was along the side of the highway for less than 30 minutes. He was not tortured by the elements thankfully.

After being rushed to the hospital, the infant was declared healthy. And he has gone into the car of social workers who will help find him a good home.

Because his social security card was with him, police were able to find the mother through relatives in Texas. After abandoning her baby, she was taken to a medical center for observation. She could be stricken with post-partum depression.

Police are still investigating why and how the baby boy was left alone along the interstate highway.

If the church bus had not stopped, this boy might not have survived. Temperatures were high and he was exposed to the elements. If the mother had malicious intent, how should she be charged?