Bank Boots Elderly Man, 92, To The Curb; Cop Takes Swift Action

Updated October 11, 2017

After a police officer from the Montebello Police Department received a call from a local bank, he arrived and did the unexpected. Now he is showing the world what it means to lead from the heart and show compassion for the people he is sworn to protect and serve. Just about 10 miles outside of Los Angeles, a local Bank of America called the Montebello police to report that an elderly man was growing upset and belligerent. Although he was old, he was growing unruly and the bank employees were growing scared. When Officer Robert Josett arrived on the scene, he saw the old man and did the right thing dealing with the disturbance at the bank.

When Officer Josett arrived at the bank, he immediately saw the man who was causing all the chaos. He was a 92-year-old gentleman who was very irritated. The old man was simply trying to withdraw money from his account and was having trouble.

Instead of offering him customer service, the Bank of America location called the police on the 92-year-old senior.

Because the old man’s form of ID had expired, the bank refused to let him take out his money. Although he had probably visited that location many times throughout the years, the bank tellers did not want to work with him unless he had his brand-new ID.

Although the man simply wanted his hard-earned money, the bank refused to oblige him. And instead of calming him down and going through the options with him, they shut down and called the police to come and take away the old customer who they simply saw as a nuisance.

When Officer Josett arrived, he couldn’t believe the Bank of America employees had called the police to remove the 92 year old man. Because he knew the old man meant no harm and was simply angry that this problem was occurring, Josett did the right thing.

Instead of escorting him out and kicking him to the curb like the bank wanted, Officer Josett drove the elderly man to the DMV so he could renew his ID card.

After Josett took him to the DMV and waited for him to finish the transaction, the police officer drove him back to the Bank of America location and made sure that he was served like a respected customer.

A photo of Officer Josett’s kindness was snapped and shared on Facebook. Soon enough the Montebello Police Department was receiving attention from all over the globe. And as the photo was shared about 40,000 times, people couldn’t believe how kind Officer Josett was to go out of his way to help the elderly man get the documentation he needed to access his hard-earned money.

People shared comments about the good deed including:

“Good cops do exist despite the rumors to the opposite.”

“Love it! We need more kindness in the world!!!”

The old man couldn’t have been more grateful to Officer Josett for respecting him and helping him.

What do you think about this amazing encounter?