Before And After Photos Of Guy Visiting A Barber Are Quickly Gaining Millions Of Views (video)

Updated September 5, 2017

For most people getting a haircut or going to the salon is a monthly endeavor. And if it’s not monthly then it isn’t more than eight weeks between visits with the barber. But sometimes going to get your haircut means a lot more. Perhaps you’ve been growing out your hair to get one of those trendy man buns, but when it comes time to get a job, you realize you’d better cut it short again. Decisions like this often feel like you’re changing your personality. And while they never end up being that serious, looking handsome and sharp does improve one’s self-esteem. And when it comes to an unkempt beard, good luck getting a job. Nothing makes you look more like a bum than an unshaven neck beard and longer than time whiskers. That’s why this barber is being hailed a hero after saving a young man’s handsome face from himself. Check this out now!

A Reddit user decided it was time to cut down his long, shaggy blond hair and trim his lengthy beard. It was time for him to move beyond his bohemian years and enter the workforce – and he wanted to look sharp.

Because the change was night and day, the barber is being hailed a hero for revealing the young man’s handsome face to the world.

Because the Reddit user was excited that he was changing up his look, he decided to snap before and after photos before visiting the barber. And the change ended up being so distinct that it went viral. That’s right, this might be one of the first times a haircut achieved viral status.

And when you see the before and after shots, you’ll agree that this barber is a hero!

In the photos, the young man has the same smiles and the same expression on his face – so this isn’t one of those fake social media photos that relies on strange angles to make someone look good.

But with a fresh haircut and a trimmed beard, this blond “bum” instantly became a professional model – and it just took a long over-due visit to the barber’s shop.

The images were posted to Reddit where they quickly attracted tons of comments. Here were some of the most popular ones:

“I’d bet a dollar he was just real into the man-bun for awhile and then decided to give up the game. thank god.”

“Looks amazing. Blonde hair looks great this way. What did you ask for and how long is your hair in the front, back, and the sides?”

“I’m a fan of both longer hair and beards but you definitely look great cleaned up. Amazing results. Any reason in particular why you grew it out? And then such a big change?”

What do you think about this young man’s before and after photo? Does he look better after his visit to the barber in your opinion?

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