Benghazi Ambassador Stevens’s Final Words Right Before His Death Have Finally Been Made Public

Updated October 6, 2017

While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, terrorists attacked the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 just over a decade from the horrible 9/11 terrorist attack on American soil. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, U.S. State Department staffer Sean Smith and Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were murdered. The terrorist attack lasted for 13 hours and the scenario has been investigated at length. But now on Monday, Diplomatic Security Special Agent Scott Wickland gave testimony in Washington. He was called to speak out against terrorist Ahmed Abu Khattala. He was the man accused of orchestrating the attack on the American consulate. And during that testimony, Wickland revealed Stevens’s last words before he was brutally murdered in Benghazi.

According to the security special agent, Wickland said that Stevens told him in his final words before death, “When I die, you need to pick up my gun and keep fighting.”

Not only are these words heroic and patriotic, they gave Wickland the courage and tenacity to keep battling on against the terrorists.

Independent Jouranl Review reported the following on Wickland’s testimony against Abu Khattal.

“Wickland admitted that he didn’t know if he was going to survive the attack. He also described the heartbreaking moment he lost Stevens and U.S. State Department staffer Sean Smith.

“Wickland said he saw Stevens and Smith crawling behind him as they searched for a bedroom with a window to escape out of. When he exited the window, he was alone.

“Vomiting from the smoke and taking fire, Wickland climbed out of the room and pulled the ladder up.

“‘That’s when I knew they were dead,’ Wickland said.”

The Washington Post also reported on the testimony. They said that Abu Khattala pleaded not guilty to the 18 counts of murder, attempted murder and support of terrorism along with other charges.

According to a report that was released and total 800 pages, Hillary Clinton had not responded to requests to increase security around the Benghazi compound. But the people who were there on the ground, knew that they needed more security as the people in the city were becoming agitated.

According to Daily Wire’s James Barrett, “Then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ordered U.S. forces to be deployed to rescue our personnel in Benghazi. Though they were mobilized to a staging area in Italy and were ready to take action, not a single asset he ordered deployed ever left the ground…

“During a two-hour ‘deputies meeting’ which Clinton attended that took place while the 13-hour attack was underway, the State Department ate up valuable time ‘by insisting that certain elements of the U.S. military respond to Libya in civilian clothes and that it not use vehicles with United States markings. Both restrictions appear to have been concessions to the Libyan government that did not want an identifiable U.S. military presence on the streets of Libya.’”

What do you think about Stevens’s final words before the terrorists killed him? Should the government still continue to investigate Hillary Clinton’s involvement in this terrorist attack in Libya?