Biker Who Thinks He’s Entitled To Weave Recklessly Through Traffic, Pays The Price [video]

Updated January 9, 2017

It happens every day. Traffic slows and then a motorcyclist speeds through the lanes at a clip above the rest. It’s obviously a dangerous move. But bikers do it just the same because it is cool and makes them a bad boy.

While motorcycles have their advantages in heavy traffic, lane splitting like this is not only risky – it can get you killed. In most states this kind of riding is illegal – but it is not in California. There bikers can do it all they want – at their own peril.

Watch what happens when two bikers thinks they’re pros and drive between the lanes on the highway. You can watch the horrible event unfold on one of the careless motorcyclist’s helmet cam. Check it out!

When the footage first starts up, the two motorcyclists are speeding through the lanes of traffic – riding the edge between the leftmost lane and the one to the right.

A few seconds into the clip, traffic starts getting heavier. And you’ll see more red lights on the horizon – they better slow down if they know what’s good for them.

Out of nowhere a car decides to switch lanes – the motorcyclist in front can’t react fast enough.

In an instant he learns why you better be GOOD if you’re going to ride like a pro.

The biker crashes into the rear of the red car and flips over. The other rider keeps going and the traffic around the accident slows to a crawl.

Here’s what the video description said about the clip: “A motorcycle rider in Georgia, USA pays the price and ends up crashing into a vehicle after recklessly lane splitting through freeway traffic.

“Luckily, the only major injury he suffered was a broken wrist.”

Viewers on the other hand wish the driver had suffered more. They don’t like people who drive recklessly and put others at danger.

Here are some comments from the 1.5 million viewers on this video:

“I hope he died. As well as every other careless motorcyclist…You know why I’m harsh? Because a biker like this was the cause of 2 of my friend’s death. They don’t care about their safety, much less the safety of others. All they care about is bragging rights – “Bro I’m cooler than you now! You should’ve seen me. I masterfully weaved in and out of traffic at 100 mph. I was doing great until 2 guys crossed the street and I smashed into them. They’re dead but I’m ok, that’s all the matters. Here’s the video as proof of my cool lane splitting””

“lane splitting at those speeds is pure insanity.”

“And… this ladies and gentleman is exactly why lane-splitting is illegal in many places.”

“Also… the red car switched lanes with ZERO blinkers.”

“Lover of motorcycles here – He shouldn’t have been splitting at that speed, simple as. “

“I enjoy these videos . bikers want to legalize lane splitting for their greed and i want it legalized for my viewing”

What do you think? Should lane splitting be illegal everywhere?

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