Bodybuilder Sees Woman In Distress After Thug Disrespects Her, Acts Accordingly (video) : AWM

Bodybuilder Sees Woman In Distress After Thug Disrespects Her, Acts Accordingly (video)

There is something to be said for a physically strong body. As the old saying goes, “Our body is the only one we have, so keep it healthy.” Some people take this saying to heart and develop the discipline to spend hours in the gym and put only the healthiest ingredients in their mouths.

Physical strength and mental strength go hand and hand and the best athletes usually believe that when it comes to their sport, it truly is mind over matter.

One man, by the name of Hakan Acar goes by “Tulk,” short for the Turkish Hulk.

He got his name from his massive size and strength and he recently had his chance to prove just how strong he actually was when he applied his muscles to a real-life skill…lifting a car and moving it.

When Acar got word that someone kept parking in front of his aunt’s house, the 23-year-old literally took the matter into his own hands and moved it out from in front of the driveway all by himself. This had been a month-long parking war between a neighbor and his aunt, Abi Mustafa, and it had gone so far that the neighbors started to deliberately park in front of Mustafa’s driveway.

Little did the neighbors know, she had one heck of a strong nephew who wasn’t going to put up with it.

Acar had no problem putting his brute strength to work and handling the situation himself, and it was all caught on camera. As neighbors gather around and watch the unbelievable feat unfold, Acar approaches the blue car that is parked in front of the driveway and lifts the front bumper. He then starts to move forward and as he does this he quickly picks up momentum and pushes the car backward and completely out of in front of the driveway.

Instead of stopping or slowing down when one of his shoes flies off, Acar gets mad and uses his anger to kick the other shoe off and move forward even faster. He turns into a barefoot savage beast.

After he completes the massive task, Acar simply walks over to his shoes and slips them back on, as if nothing happened.

This certainly makes flipping tires in a Strongman competition seem easy in comparison.

At the end of the video, you can see a police car drive by and commenters wondered if he got in trouble or not…

“Sooooo… did he get into trouble or what?? He did the right thing.”

“Excellent well done that man. What an utter selfish person parking that £100 piece of crap Corsa in front of someone’s drive.”

This just proves that you never want to mess with someone, because you never know who their relatives are. This woman is lucky to have a nephew who is so dedicated to her. Clearly, Acar enjoyed the challenge though, as it’s another obstacle to add to his list of Strongman competition tasks. Now that this video has gone viral, there is a good chance others will be challenging themselves to move cars like this.