Boy Doesn’t Care He’ll Get Made Fun Of, Grows Hair For 18 Months To Donate To Cancer Patients

Updated July 11, 2017

When cancer strikes, it is always scary. But for children it can be so much worse. Traditional chemotherapy, medicines, surgeries and radiation therapies can make kids feel as bad, or worse, than the cancer itself. And it can have traumatic effects on their self esteem as well, especially when suffering from hair loss. Well, we just found a young man from Wales who has done something remarkable to help kids with cancer. You are going to love his story when you hear it.

Josh Scott-Hill is a regular eleven year old boy from Wales. Well, regular is a little inaccurate; He has spent the last eighteen months growing his hair to help make wigs for kids who are fighting cancer and have lost their hair.

While we would all agree that he should be called a hero, more often than not, he gets called a “girl” instead.

He says “During the time I have been growing my hair I have been teased and mistaken for a girl so many times I’ve lost count. There was only one time I got really upset, but luckily my friends are very supportive as are my family.”

This month, he will cut off his hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust which manufactures wigs for children with cancer, using real human hair.

Josh, who lives in Llanelli, Wales with his mother, Sam, has also raised more than one thousand British pounds for charities.

Sam says “My friend has had cancer and she lost her hair and Josh asked: ‘Where have your eyebrows gone?’ When we walked away he said: ‘Mammy I want to grow my hair for people less fortunate.’ He gets mistaken for a girl all the time, he does have quite a pretty face, and he has to tell people: ‘Yes, I am a boy.’ He does get teased and the time when he was playing football he got really upset. After the game Josh came to me and said that they were making fun of him but I told him to remember what he is doing it for. He just brushes it off now and if anything it just made him more determined than ever.”

The money that has been raised by Josh will be donated to an organisation in Swansea, called Maggie’s, which provides practical, emotional and social support for cancer patients and their families.

Josh encourages other kids to step up and help out their peers in need. He says “I hope other children will realise they can do it too.”

Many people have been commenting on Josh’s story, but perhaps the most eloquent comment was posted by Myrddiny Dewin, who wrote “Well done Josh, good on you. Don’t take any notice of remarks other children make because someone somewhere are going to be very grateful for what you are doing. It’s a pity there aren’t more like you. I bet your family are very proud of you.”

Have you ever donated your hair to help cancer patients? What do you think of Josh Scott-Hill? Please share your thoughts and stories with us here.