Boy Who Has Been Bullied For Most Of His Life, Finally Gets Teeth Fixed. Can’t Stop Smiling

Updated August 9, 2017

Because a young boy had terrible buck teeth, the other students refused to stop bullying him. As a result, the boy grew more and more distant. But now the boy’s dream has come true after generous New Zealanders donated a lot of money to help Evan Hill get his perfect smile. And as a result, Evan’s mother cannot stop thanking the “wonderful” people for their generosity.

Although Evan’s plight was made public five years ago, the money did not come in for the procedure until more recently. Why? Because the process took a long time. And Evan had to deal with countless hours of bullying and harassment from the ‘cool’ kids at his school and the other bullies. But now that he is not ashamed of his smile, he is quickly accelerating in popularity…

Evan’s buck teeth were so bad he could not close his mouth. After the generous donations came pouring in, Evan started visiting the orthodontist every month. Now, he has taken off his life-changing braces and can enjoy his new smile.

But Orthodontist Ronald Sluiter was with Evan for every step of the process. Because his buck teeth were among the worst cases he ever witnessed in his practice, Dr. Sluiter had to move Evan’s teeth more than 15 millimeters. Although the change was slow, the orthodontist transformed the “rabbit kid” into a young man who is happy with his smile. And Evan’s self-esteem has never been better.

“We’ve come a long way haven’t we,” he said to Evan during the procedure.

“It’s about time,” the young boy replied. He could not wait to have the braces removed and his smile exposed. Although he had built a friendship with Dr. Sluiter, he was ready to move on from all the terrible memories associated with his buck teeth.

Evan’s mother Barbara Erickson is forever grateful that New Zealanders came to their aid to help pay for the expensive orthodontic work.

“I don’t know where we would have been today without the generosity we had,” she told Newshub. “We looked at probably mortgaging our house to pay for them but this came up and blew me away.”

Now that Evan has a confident smile, Barbara is “quite excited to see [Evan] smile with no braces on.” She knows it means the world to her teenage boy and cannot wait for him to get out in public with his straightened teeth.

Because so many New Zealanders donated money to help Evan, they have leftover money. But they’re not spending it unwisely. Instead, they’ve created a trust allocated to other children who need dental work that their families cannot afford. Instead of spending it on themselves, they’re paying it forward.

We have reported on other people who have needed major dental work done. One of the most shocking stories is Gemma Swift’s. She experienced an accident when she was a child and her teeth became misshapen. From that day forward, she was bullied.

Thankfully Gemma got the orthodontic work she needed. Now she is smiling and has more self-confidence – just like Evan does.

Teeth do a lot for a person’s self-confidence and self-image. The world underestimates the value of dentists and orthodontists.

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