Brawl Erupts At Wedding After Guests Notice What The Bride’s Ex Placed On Certain Tables

Updated January 4, 2017


A huge fight erupted at a wedding in Toronto, Canada when two families began feuding. A series of videos from the party have been published. They depict a violent foray erupting in the middle of the venue – guests are seen throwing punches and hurling chairs at each other. They knock over tables and the fight spirals out of control for a very simple reason…

One attendee said the fight was sparked when the bride’s ex-lover littered the tables at the wedding reception with ingracious photos of the woman performing a sex act.

If you were the groom, would a fight be your reaction? Check out the footage and see how bad things got at this fight in Toronto, Canada, where people aren’t as friendly as you’d think…

While the pictures of the bride engaged in the sex act is a very compelling reason for a brawl, another person said it was a long-time feud between the two families.

Twittter user @Ydot_K tweeted on Wednesday: “So basically someone turned up to the wedding and showed an incrimiting [sic] picture of the bride!!”

A text message exchange on WhatsApp details more about what happened:

“Ex bf showed up at the reception and put pics of the bride giving a BJ at every table. Brides brother thought it was one of the groomsmen…

“This was in Wakefield, my mates were there the girl ***** him over made him look like a **** and got married 2 another bloke so he went around in an envelope leaving pics of her giving him a ****…he chipped but the brothers thought it was the boys friends who did it kicked off big time.”

The clip was shared only yesterday on Twitter and quickly went viral. Later after Ydot_k noticed the videos they were sharing had gone viral, posted to confirm that they were indeed shot in Toronto. The wedding was held at the city’s convention center and has been the culmination of a long-time feud between two families.

In a tweet, Ydot_K said: “You know what though… she can move past this. We, as people, are fickle and we forget things quickly. She’ll live her life just fine.”

Viewers from around the world are sickened that the ex-boyfriend would do this at the bride’s wedding:

“That was a nasty thing to do I hope the guy goes to jail, you do not do that, vile beyond description”

“t’s a nasty dirty underhand behaviour. I don’t care what faith or background the commentary are distracted with. I’m right with her regardless, this was bang out of order. That poor girls life is probably ruined because of some nasty minded little toad intent on belittling women sexually. It’s pointless saying don’t film it. What about long distance? Many relationships rely on the net that is easily accessed. Then your phones. Many are done without consent or knowledge. Then some are threatened with cruel things. To make it worse it’s gone public, she’s likely hiding mortified. Who does that to a woman on her wedding day? One thing I am sure of, this wont end here. I have no empathy for that man right now. What he did was very serious.”

Should the ex-boyfriend be charged?

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