Bridal Party Plays Prank At Wedding On The Best Man, Ends Horribly

Updated October 10, 2017

Weddings are a whole lot of fun. Over the weekend, I attended one of my best friend’s wedding in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It was a stellar time. He asked me to stand up and give the toast at the ceremony. And while he didn’t have a standard wedding party, I was the best man so to speak. And while everyone had a great time at the wedding, no one left injured. A little sore perhaps after dancing the night away, but no one needed medical attention. The same could not be said of this wedding in east China. After the best man was brutally shaken in the air as part of a violent Chinese wedding tradition, he wound up in a coma and might not survive. And in the mobile phone footage included below, you’ll see how the groom shows his appreciation for his best man in China. And it is not in a way that most people in America would find very comforting.

In the clip, watch as six wedding guests surprise the best man and brutally assault him. They lift him into the air and start swinging him up and down shaking his brain back and forth inside the man’s skull. The best man then falls unconscious and doesn’t wake up. And he may never be the same ever again.

The man in the white shirt was targeted for this popular Chinese wedding prank because he was the best man in the October 8 wedding in Dongying in Shandong Province in China, reports.

The prank is called “Da Hang” and is popular among Chinese wedding guests. It is done often in rural China as a way to occupy a few minutes of time and entertain the newlyweds.

The wedding guests are supposed to target the best man or the maid of honor, lift the person up and then slam them down onto a mattress. But in this clip, the six wedding guests lift the best man up and then slam him down onto the floor – they simply forgot to give him the “privilege” of a mattress for this age-old Chinese wedding prank.

While it is uncertain if the wedding guests hit him against the ground on purpose – because of some vendetta against him or if it was an accident. It is assumed that they were intoxicated and made the mistake of brutally assaulting him and forcing him into a coma.

But the man hits his head against the ground and falls unconscious immediately. He is taken to the hospital after he suffered the concussion.

Local People’s Government at Kenli district confirmed to Pear Video that the injured man was the groom’s best man, Daily Mail reported.

“We have asked the hospital and understood that he had a concussion but no life-threatening risks.”

Here were responses from Mail Online readers:

“Looks as if he banged his head. Not good for a wedding prank. What’s wrong with doing a cheeky speech.”

“So it’s customary in China to beat your best man senseless at the wedding?”