Bride Is Clueless To Surprise Maid Of Honor Has, Turns Around When She Hears Odd Noise

Updated September 12, 2017

We all have that one friend who knows us better than anyone else. They know our innermost secrets and fears and they are the first in line when we have big news to share. Sometimes these friends come in the form of siblings and sometimes they are our oldest friends. Either way, these are the friends who usually end up being our first pick for our bridal party lineup.

For Nicole Tafoya, her best friend, Mandii, who had the obvious role of being her maid of honor during her August wedding. Mandii knows Nicole extremely well, which is why she and her husband decided to plot a major surprise for Nicole’s wedding. The two worked together and somehow got a hold of two llamas to greet Nicole during the ceremony.

Because, who wouldn’t want llamas at their wedding, right?

While it may sound like an odd wedding gift for some, Nicole’s closest friends understand just how much she loves llamas, which is why the two llamas, Peggy Sue and Lucy, were the guests of honor. As the couple faced away from the wedding party, Mandii and walked the llamas down the aisle at their Alta, Wyoming wedding.

Apparently, Nicole’s love for llamas is so strong that she had been trying to get some to show up at her wedding but she kept getting denied. Sometimes all you need is a good friend who will push a little harder to get you what you want.

“My sister Nicole is obsessed with llamas,” said Nicole’s sister, Blake who filmed the memorable event. “She has llama designed bags, pencils, and pretty much any llama made things you could think of.”

As the couple is told to turn around, Mandii retrieves the llamas and walks them toward the couple with the help of a few best men. Mandii taps Nicole on the shoulder and when she turns around she is in complete awe. She is so excited that she is asked to quiet down so she doesn’t scare the large animals.

“I told you I’d cry,’ she says. ‘They’re so pretty.”

She gets permission to pet the llamas on the neck and she is crying as she gently rubs their soft white hair. Peggy Sue and Lucy are not only well behaved as Nicole is in hysterics, but they are wearing special flowers around their necks for the special day.

It turns out that Nicole isn’t the only one crying and several of the wedding party and guests are crying right along with her. They can’t help but feel the same joy that she feels in the presence of the animals.

The llama trainer teaches Nicole how to get a genuine llama kiss by putting a treat between her lips and leaning into one of the llamas, letting her take the treat with her own lips.

The llamas are in the majority of the couple’s wedding photos following the big surprise.

This is certainly a moment that Nicole will always cherish, and her wedding guests are sure to remember this wedding forever.