Bull Dog Has The Best Reaction To Scary Scene From His Favorite Movie, Goes Viral [watch]

Updated June 16, 2017

I was never a big lover of horror movies. They often made me feel uneasy and a bit afraid of the dark later that same night. I’d even start worrying that ghoul or demon was under the bed or hiding in the shadowed area behind the door. But now that I’m married to someone who loves horror movies, I watch them more often. Yes, I’m still afraid, but that’s the whole point. I just have to remind myself of that as I’m watching them. But the bulldog in this clip doesn’t know that horror movies are simply fiction. She thinks they’re real, so she barks to warn the victims in the movie to get out of harm’s way. But they never listen to her…

The cute bulldog will not stop until the victims in the movie know what is coming. Even the bulldog knows that there is danger behind the door or under the bed. Why don’t the victims in the movie who he is barking to warn?

Khaleesi the English bulldog, who is from the United States, loves watching horror movies and has no idea that the victims behind the screen cannot hear her. She is just so loving and protective that she’ll do anything to save the lives of the vulnerable people on screen.

The video shows Khaleesi the English bulldog watching the horror film The Conjuring. Khaleesi is seated on the edge of her owner’s bed just like the actress in the film is.

In the scene on the screen, a child peers down toward the floor to look under her bed. The demon haunting their Rhode Island property then confronts the little terrified child.

The clip with Khaleesi is about 90-seconds long. You’ll see the English bulldog watching the movie and then growing progressively excited and agitated as the tension grows. When the girl screams, Khaleesi jumps to attention and then teeters on the edge of her owner’s bed as if she is going to leap into the screen to save the child.

When the clip was uploaded to YouTube, more than one million tuned in to watch Khaleesi protect the victims of the horror movie. The dog’s owner then shared the following description of the video:

“Khaleesi loves watching horror movies and always tries to protect any potential victims from harm. She is especially vocal when children are in danger as seen in this clip.”

Viewers were shocked that the English bulldog was so protective of TV victims. They didn’t even know a dog could watch the television. Viewers shared numerous commentings including:

“his dog might as well be a human in a dog costume. She knew what was happening in the movie. Unreal! There’s so much we don’t know yet about animals. Just amazing,” shared an amazed woman.

Another said: “This really demonstrates the co-evolution of dogs with man to me. According to research, canines are more aware of human facial expressions and body language than they are of their own species. It was incredibly clear that Khaleesi there was reacting directly to the face and body expressions of fear shown on that screen.”

Another shocked viewer had this to say: “That dog was being strongly emotionally affected by what she saw, and I find that very intriguing and interesting. Thank you for showing this to us! I love dogs, and I am interested in how they relate to humanity.”

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