Bulldog Is Running For His Life, Then I Saw What Was Chasing Him And Can’t Stop Laughing

Updated February 3, 2017

Dogs are the noblest of beast, standing by our sides as loyal companions, comrades, brothers-in-arms, for millennia now. They have shaped our civilization as much as we have guided their evolution from wild wolf to humble lap dog. And there can be no doubt where the question of their inherent bravery is concerned, right?

Well, we just found a hilarious little video clip of a French bulldog pup who is running for its life from a… Well, you will just need to watch this video to see the adorably panicked pup running from its nemesis.

Did you know that the French Bulldog actually was first bred in England? Neither did we, but since we are such huge dog fans around here, we thought we would learn as much as we could about this spunky little breed and share our finding with you here today.

The dogs were first bred in England by lace makers. Lace makers were the folks that would stitch together thread in extravagant patterns to make lace. While they were sitting around making the lace, they would enjoy the company of these little guys who would keep their laps warm. When the lace industry moved to France so did the dogs.

It is hard to find a more affable breed of dog than the French Bulldog. These critters just love people and other dogs so much, although, they can be difficult to housetrain. They don’t mind small areas, are good in crates, and are not known for a lot of barking.

Unfortunately, because of their squat size and short snout, French Bulldogs are very poor swimmers, so if you enjoy your pooltime, just make sure to keep your eye on your pup.

They also do not make great airline passengers. Because of their snouts, they frequently have breathing issues, and flying can exacerbate them, causing severe stress and breathing problems. It is a good bet that if you plan on flying somewhere, you should keep your Frenchie at home with a sitter or in a kennel. You may mis him, but he will be better off for it.

If you just absolutely have to take your dog on vacation with you, their is a special airline called Pet Jets, that specializes in transporting live animals. You’ll need a separate flight for you however, because Pet Jets only flies animals.

Might have seen them in a Muppet Movie once…

While French bulldogs are not known as a loud breed of barker, they do love to chitchat. They have an very complex “language” made up of gargles, yipping, yawning, and other vocalizations. They will even try to horn in on human conversations. Which is adorable.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that, if you are a Negative Nelly, a French bulldog may not be a good match. They are known to be extremely sensitive and they do not handle scolding well. They prefer encouraging tones of voice and positive reinforcement over finger wagging and other negative behaviors. They can even sulk or mope if they think they are in the doghouse.

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