Bully Thinks He Found An Easy Target, Throws A Punch. Karma Immediately Does It’s Job [watch]

Updated May 18, 2017

In a shocking video from a school inside the United States, a bully is caught on camera throwing the first punch to his victim. But the victim quickly turns the tables around and gets his revenge on the instigator by body slamming him into the floor.

While the exact location of the beat down is unknown, it was filmed someone in the United States. And although it was uploaded just last week, more than 100,000 people have watched the bully get what he deserves.

Check out the clip below and watch 26-seconds of just desserts…

At the beginning of the clip, a group of high school students are walking in the hallway. Some of them are carrying gym bags and there does not seem to be any fighting. But soon enough everyone moves out of the way leaving a boy with a blue backpack and a bully in a black t-shirt.

As the crowd of eager high school students watch the fight that is about to break out, some of them take out their smartphones to film the abuse. They are eager to get more friends on Facebook as they post the brutal clip to their feed.

Suddenly, the bully in black throws a sloppy punch at the smaller victim. But without warning, the victim unleashes his self-defense. Within moments, he has body slammed the bully into the hard tile floor. Then with the upper hand won, he begins punching the bully in the side of the head.

At this point, the crowd of high school gawkers realizes the bully is out cold. The victim did to the bully what the bully hoped to do to him.

While it is great to see a bully get what he deserves, it is unclear if he was seriously injured. The video cuts out and we do not know what happened next. Hopefully, the bully came back to his senses and learned his lesson.

The video has gone viral on the internet seemingly overnight. Daily Mail readers had a lot to say about the clip. Here are some of the most popular comments that were shared:

“You never judge a book by its cover. Well done to the young boy for showing the bully who’s boss.”

“One of the first lessons you learn when you take up martial arts if you have the intellect, is not to initiate fights- you never really know what you are dealing with as this idiot has discovered to his loss.”

“I am so glad somebody recorded that. I hope that idiot never lives it down.”

“I hate bullies. This should be a warning. You never know how strong someone is based on height or size alone.”

“The boy was defending himself and should not get into trouble. I was brought up knowing that if someone physically threatened me, I was allowed to defend myself,” wrote Natty G.

Do you think this bully deserved to be body slammed into the floor?

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