Burly Dad Gets Handed Unexpected Present. Takes One Look At What It Says, Breaks Down [video]

Updated March 9, 2017

The decision to adopt a child is a big one. It is often one that is pondered for years before the process even starts. It can be a heartbreaking process too, as it is a long one that has many ups and downs along the way.

And then there are other times when a man marries a woman who has a child. If that child is without a father, there is a good chance that the two will build a bond that is just as close to the biological bond of a child and father. The family is usually known as a step family, as they are not blood, but they can be just as tight knit, especially after spending years together as a family.

One woman was set on making the relationship that she had with her step dad official, so she asks him on the most special day of the year…his birthday, and she presents the invitation to him in gift fashion. She gives him the wrapped present while a group of family and friends gather at a restaurant, and he immediately opens it and starts reading the card. He then opens a photo album, that is titled “Memories Made Not Forgotten,” and reads aloud in front of the group…

“You’ve been there for me since the day I was born. You took me in and I can count on you to be there whenever I need you. You believed in me when no one else did,” he reads the words through a cracked voice and emerging tears. “You have made me the person that I am today. Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy. Even though we both know you’re my daddy, how about we both make it official? Will you adopt me?”

Without a second thought, the man stands up, “Yes, yes I will,” he says as she goes right toward her for a big, heartwarming hug. The two hug for a long time as the other family members and friends clap in the background.

Surely this will be a moment that both the father and daughter remember forever, as both were so overcome with emotion. It takes a lot to ask someone to be your adoptive parent, but there is no doubt that these two were made to be father and daughter. The man nearly knocked over a chair as he got up to hug her and there wasn’t a flicker of doubt or question in his mannerisms.

The girl certainly deserves props for a great execution, leaving a mark on not only the father’s heart, but on the rest of the family members and friends who were gathered there as well. Not to mention all the viewers who have been able to see the magical moment unfold. Every year on his birthday, this man will remember this and be taken back to how he felt when his daughter asked him to officially adopt her. And we can be certain that this will be his best birthday present.