Bystander Films The Moment Firefighter Yanks Baby Out Of Sink Drain, Saving Its Life [video]

Updated October 9, 2017

Curiosity almost did kill the cat last week in Latvia. When a tiny kitten wanted to go explore its surroundings, it was attracted to the dark hole in the center of the sink. Because it didn’t know any better, the little cat jumped down into the bowl and stuck its little head into the hole. Maybe it smelled something down there. Leftover fish bits perhaps? Either way, the kitten peered around in the darkness and didn’t see anything. Then it tried to pull its head out and go back to running around playing. But it couldn’t. The kitten was stuck. And every time it pulled, the stranglehold around its neck got tighter and tighter…

In the small coastal villagers of Saulkrasti, Latvia, firefighters received a strange call. They have been asked to rescue cats stuck in trees and other precarious situations before – cats are notorious for getting put into dangerous scenarios. They like to go out on a limb, so to speak.

But the firefighters had never received a rescue call like they did on Friday. When they heard the tiny kitten was stuck in the drain, they knew they needed to spring to action.

To get started, the courageous firefighter grabbed some water and some dish soap. Then he went to town lubing up the poor kitten around the neck and head. This all happened after the little guy and the entire kitchen sink were detached from the countertop. Saving this little tyke was certainly a major undertaking.

After the rescue worker has the kitten lubed up with the soap, he gently tries tugging its head free from the sink drain. It doesn’t work, but the firefighter refuses to give up. He tries again. The kitten meows in discomfort. With that, the heroic rescuer worker realizes that it won’t work. They need to come up with another plan – and fast. The kitten wasn’t breathing as strongly as it had been.

With that, another firefighter had the idea to smash the sink to bits. That way they could simply take the kitten out and it would be free. But this came with a lot of risks.

But it seemed to be the only way. The firefighters grabbed a hammer and then began hitting down on the sink. Slowly, it started chipping away. It was working.

However, one of the hammer strikes got extremely close to the little kitten. This forced one of the firefighters to shout out in warning. They halted the rescue mission for a moment to recalibrate their approach.

Then with careful precision, the man with the hammer struck down and slammed the sink. It shatter just enough.

The man pulled the kitten free from the broken sink. Although the little animal had been stuck for a while, he was not hurt – but perhaps a bit emotionally traumatized. However, the kitten is expected to make a full recovery and forget about the incident in due course.

Watch the rescue in the video below!

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