Bystander Sees Man Trying To Rob A Store. Doesn’t Hesitate For A Second, Takes Swift Action

Updated June 16, 2017

Criminals are just bullies with guns. They try to target people they consider weaker than them. Some low lives target old people like scam artists who try to sham senior citizens out of their credit card numbers or forms of identification. Others bring a gun to the scene to intimidate store clerks and other people with money to feel powerful. But at one Wawa store in Sicklerville, New Jersey, an armed robber was not going to get away with his crime so easily. An unsuspecting bystander tackled the robber to the ground during the holdup. And now he’s being hailed a hero.

The robbery was going down at 2 am at the tore along Cross Keys Road. The bystander just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time – but he made the most out of his terrible situation.

The gunman came into the store wearing a mask and ordered the store employees to drop to the ground. He then demanded that the cashier pull the cash from the register.

But that’s when store employees watched a Good Samaritan named Daryl rise up and tackle the gunman to the ground.

“The guy is a true hero in my eyes. We have young ladies at the Wawa working an overnight shift and I’m sure they were scared to death,” said Chief George Smith.

The police chief encouraged the vigilante’s behavior. Without this bystander, the store would have been robbed and the female employees victimized.

After tackling the gunman, the fight spilled into the parking lot. That’s when the attempted robber pistol-whipped Daryl in an attempt to escape. The robber failed, and Daryl held him down until police arrived.

Daryl described his heroics on that fateful night: “He focused on her, put the gun to the back of her head, told her to ‘get up, open the register, open the register now. I don’t advise anyone to do what I did, but by the same token you have to look out for your community.”

Daryl never thought about his own safety. He only thought about the female employees he was trying to rescue.

But God was on Daryl’s side.

“The Lord put me in that store for a reason at that time, and it just so happened it was for that purpose, to break up this robbery and save somebody if possible,” he said.

Although Daryl is a true hero, his fight to glory was not easy. He and the suspect Alexander Ray fought fiercely until police finally arrived. Only then was Daryl confident that he could let Ray go and get handcuffed.

The store was equipped with security cameras but none of them captured the heroic battle waging in the parking lot.

Police arrived quickly on the scene. They arrested Ray and hailed Daryl a hero.

“He hit me a couple of times with the pistol but again, I will take the bumps and bruises if it means I was able to save somebody’s life, or what whatever the case may be. I will take a few little lumps and bumps,” said Daryl.

Police found the handgun and learned that it was not loaded. If it had been, Daryl might not have been here to tell his story.

The suspect is in the hospital recovering from the injuries Daryl inflicted on him. When he’s better, he’ll be slammed with a long list of charges.

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