Bystander Spots Bald Eagle And Hits Record, Quickly Realizes Horrifying Sight [video]

Updated September 22, 2017

While some people are comfortable allowing their cats around the company of bald eagles, most sane homeowners realize how dangerous this is – especially if they love their animal.

In the horrific video footage shared below, you’ll see that sometimes nature must do harsh things to survive. Watch the bald eagle stand in a park area along the highway in Two Harbors, Minnesota. The driver, who has caught the bird of prey on a video camera, slowed the vehicle and is catching it in action.

But, the filmmaker never expected to see the eagle lift off with a feline in its talons! At the end of the video, the bird takes flight and we see what appears to be a Siamese cat in its clutches…

The video has shocked the internet, which is known for loving cats and kittens.

But the commuter who happened upon the scene did not know that the cat was being victimized. At least not until the eagle took flight. Then the full-sized cat could be seen struggling to free itself from the better predator’s talons.

Although the eagle has the cat trapped, it is a fat cat and the bird struggles to gain elevation.

The clip was captured and posted online on March 8. And although it has only been online for a few days, it has been viewed about 150,000 times already.

Dozens of people left comments on YouTube.

“This is the food chain people.”

Another said: “Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted. Poor kitty.’”

“Like it or not, humans are solely responsible for this.  Cats do fine as indoor animals and don’t need to be outside.  Every cat I’ve ever owned, (I’ve had many.) lived long happy lives fed, warm, played with, and safe.  Those allowed to wander can be hit by cars, mauled by raccoons (yes, it does happen) eaten by neighborhood coyotes, or killed by dogs, owls, eagles, or humans,” wrote Inu no Taisho.

“Bummer for the kitty…  I wonder how much weight an eagle can fly with? I would’ve thought a ten-pound cat would be too heavy,” shared Pat Ward.

And even more, people shared their thoughts on Daily Mail where the video was later picked up.

“Bald Eagles primarily eat fish from lakes or rivers, but if they are iced over in the winter …..I guess they eat whatever comes along…,” wrote a reader.

“I love cats and I agree with you – cats are indoor pets, period. I would say the same about tiny dogs, outside they’re part of the food chain. I knew one guy who let his dog roam constantly over neighbors farm although he was warned many times not to – the dog came home shot and had to be put down – he blamed neighbor, it was his fault,” Lee Thomas wrote.

A viewer from Lansing wrote, “It’s not “horrifying.” It’s what eagles do. Worried about your cats? Then keep them the hell in your home. Why do folks think it’s OK to let their pets roam freely?”

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