Bystander Spots Strange Scene Unfolding, Film It So Others Would Believe Them [video]

Updated December 23, 2016

Recent footage captured the intense moment a python started strangling a flying fox to death in the Australian jungle. As the killer snake tightens its death grip, things take a surprising twist. As the battle rages, the flying fox manages to prove why the snake is the lowest of creatures.

Every day creatures fight for their lives in nature. One beast eats the next and things are always life and death. The video here shows you exactly what is at stake when a snake decides to make you its dinner.

Watch the video below to discover how things developed a surprise ending!

The clip begins with the large fruit bat already in the clutches of the python, which is trying to squeeze the life out of the mammal.

The flying box is a mammal that is a member of the fruit bat family. They are the largest bat in the world.

While the people in the video think the bat doesn’t stand a chance against the snake, they start watching as it uses its strong wings to pry itself free.

But the snake isn’t planning to let the mammal go.

The bat pulls itself off the snake. It is exhausted and can no longer fly. So the bat, crawls itself  through the sand to get away from the reptile – which wanders off defeated in the other direction.

According to the video description:

“Flying-foxes prefer blossom, flowers. nectar, fruit and occasionally leaves of native plants, particularly eucalypts, tea-trees, grevilleas, figs and lilly pillys. Sometimes flying-foxes are referred to fruit bats, they mainly eat pollen. They will also take the fruit of cultivated trees, particularly during periods of shortage of their preferred food. The flying-fox uses its strong teeth to crush the pollen and eat them. Flying-foxes play a major role in the regeneration of native hardwood forests and rainforests by pollinating as they feed and dispersing seeds as they move throughout the forest.”

Flying foxes have the largest body size of any bat. Their wingspan has been known to exceed a yard. The flying fox uses its claws to tear at the snake’s scales as its powerful wings tear it free from the death grip.

The fruit bat gets away from the snake and reaches apparent safety where it can rest and recover from the fight to the death. But the bat is clearly injured and it is not certain whether it survived or not.

Here are some comments on the video:

“Damn… Left that bat swimming in sand…smh”

“Batman lives to fight another day”

“And Harry Houdini does it again”

“Looks like the bat’s wing is broken, on top of being out of breath.”

“I hope they helped the Bat onto a tree or something ….”

“Snakes often lose encounters they should win. Maybe they’re just not that smart.”

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