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Camera Is Pointed At Flamingo With Its Head Down, Once The Music Starts I Am In Stitches

When you think of flamingos, you certainly think about larger birds that have pink feathers that enjoy frolicking in the sand. This is certainly something that they do, but one flamingo in Florida decided that he wanted to put on a show and make people happy.

You have probably seen the move “Happy Feet” where the penguins dance and this is what this flamingo’s performance reminded people of. It is not a far cry to expect flamingoes to get down if you have seen this movie. Plus, these pink birds are cousins of penguins.

In the video, this flamingo is certainly happy about what is going on in his Florida-based life. Those who caught the video and others at the scene remarked about how the bird was just tapping its feet. It was almost as if the flamingo was by itself and no one was watching. It is clear that confidence is something that this bird has in high amounts because he did not care who was watching. He just wanted to move around and dance to enjoy life or perhaps make a hard day a little bit better.

Flamingos are pretty interesting and what makes them so cool goes far behind their bright pink coloring. Throughout the world, only six species of the birds exist. They live in areas where the weather is mostly warm, so in the United States, you are most likely to see them in areas like southern Florida where the weather is nice and there are plenty of sandy beaches for them to hang out with other flamingos.

In most cases, when you catch a glimpse at a flamingo in the wild, he or she will be wading and enjoying a relaxing day. However, they are powerful fliers, but they do not swim very often. They are such good fliers because they get a lot of practice. They tend to migrate often to find ideal nesting grounds and good sources. When in the sky, these birds can fly at a speed of up to 35 miles per hour when they are in a flock.

Flamingos are loyal birds and are monogamous. Each year, they lay a single egg and if something happens to it, they usually will not put down a replacement. Since many predators are after them and they are often in areas prone to natural disasters, their population can fluctuate and require years to recover.

Flamingos are birds that most people will never get a chance to really see up close unless they head to the zoo. However, those who got to see this musical display are certainly happy that they were part of it. Even at the zoo, it is highly unlikely that the flamingos are going to break out dancing like in a Disney movie. For the most part, you would just observe them living their life in their zoo closure. This is still a cool experience, but not nearly as often as seeing a dancing flamingo in the wild.

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