Campers Completely Freaked Out By Contents Of Cooler They Find Floating Down River [video]

Updated March 24, 2017

What would you do if you happened to see a taped-up Styrofoam cooler floating in the water while you were lounging with a group of friends on a river? Would you let your curiosity get the best of you and go after the cooler?

One group was faced with this question while they were camping on a river. The sun was shining strongly and they were enjoying themselves when they saw a taped cooler floating in the distance. They decided that they had to see what was inside the cooler, so they made their way over to the floating object. While they were waiting for the cooler to get closer to them they made some assumptions about what it could be.

“What if it’s a treasure? What if it’s cocaine?” they asked each other.

Along with his dog, one of the campers swims out to the cooler and brings it back to the beach area where everyone is gathered. When he gets it to shore, he immediately goes to work removing the tape from the cooler. He takes one peek inside and is immediately creeped out. His friends are now very curious and they make their way over to the cooler to look inside.

What is inside is quite unexpected and something that you would see in a horror movie.

It’s a doll! And a boy doll at that…fully dressed and trapped in a cooler.

Why? We aren’t really sure. The doll  looks a bit like “Chucky” from the horror movie “Child’s Play.”

The guys admit that they were scared and were even shaking a bit when they first saw the doll. But the best part is when a girl walks over and wants to see what’s inside. The guys shut the lid again and let her experience it firsthand. After prying the cooler lid open, she jumps back.

“What the fuck!? Who does that?” She asks between giggles and fear.

While this incident is quite hilarious, it is also a bit creepy to think about who would do such a thing. It must’ve been some other campers playing a joke. It would be interesting to see if they jokesters behind the cooler ended up seeing this video.
Commenters generally agreed that the incident was creepy and similar to what one would see in a horror movie…
“This is how horror movies start.”
“I thought it was a dead body.”
“Until they said it was a doll, I thought it was a dead kid.”
“And then they all die from a curse 2 days later…”
“And some did a little research and concluded that the incident was a setup done by the campers themselves. Maybe they were on a mission to be the stars in a viral video…
“The duct tape was still sticky. If that had been in the water for more than 10 minutes, the tape would have stopped sticking, so this is probably fake.”
And commenters were quick to point out the fact that the campers mentioned cocaine more than once.