Can You Answer This Notoriously Near Impossible Quiz That’s Going Viral On Facebook? See Answer

Updated February 6, 2017

The internet is filled with puzzles and brainteasers. And if seems like someone is always trying to up the ante and create the next best and hardest puzzle to stump the internet at large.

However, this riddle might just have earned the spot as the toughest question on the internet. Scroll down to see what it is and to discover why so many people are getting it WRONG on their first attempt. Do you think you can do better than the average person? Give it a shot and try your best NOW!

Playbuzz has earned a reputation for creating puzzles. Some of their brainteasers are pretty easy, but the vast majority leave the internet speechless and stumped. This one is the latter – it is tough and challenging.

The puzzle, because it has only 12 words, might seem easy, but don’t let its simplicity fool you – this riddle is tougher than nails.

It reads: “If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, what am I to Teresa?”

The puzzle creators then give you six multiple choice answer. While this might seem to make it easier, it actually can cause you to trip up. So consider the answers carefully:





I am Teresa

Do you think you know the answer from these six choices? Playbuzz confidently proclaims that 97 percent of their users get it wrong on the first try. Can you be among the minority smart enough to get it correct?

HINT: Think about who has posed the question to discover the true answer…

One way to go about solving this riddle is to draw it out and make connections. For example, Teresa’s daughter = my daughter’s mother. Use lines to connect equivalent statements. It is kind of like algebra. You need to solve for ‘my’ to discover who the person is in relation to Teresa.

According to the solution:

“The Answer is daughter…my daughter’s mother is me (the person who’s asking the question). Therefore: Teresa’s daughter is me (the person who’s asking the question – is Teresa’s daughter).

When polled an overwhelming amount of people thought the answer was “I am Teresa.” Nearly two times the amount of people chose that over the correct solution of “daughter.”

Did you solve the puzzle/riddle correctly?

“You take some time to think, the question isn’t that hard”

“too much brain work my head is gonna blow,” Adrienne Soloa from New Zealand wrote.

“The answer given as the correct answer is actually wrong. Yes it is true that ‘I am Teresa’s daughter’ is one possible answer, but the posers of the puzzle have neglected the fact that children have biological fathers as well as mothers. So as my daughter’s father I could also say that Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother – my wife, or ex etc). So the poser of the question,’ Who am I?’ could be Teresa’s daughter or Teresa’s son in law ( for want of a better all-encompassing term). This ambiguity means that the correct answer from the list of multiple choice answers to tick is ‘not sure’.”

Did you think the answer was Teresa’s daughter or her son-in-law?

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