Can You Correctly Guess The Number Of Circles In Photo Puzzle That’s Going Viral?

Updated August 15, 2017

I don’t know about you but I LOVE internet brainteasers. When I should be focusing on my work, I often find myself drifting to fun internet websites where I flout away my time scrolling through the fun and challenging puzzles. Many popular ones are optical illusions or images that challenge you to spot the camouflaged animal. These can be shockingly tough. Other times, they seem too easy and we can just brush them off without really having to dedicate much brain power. This new brainteaser was discovered on Facebook and is leaving people like you and me frustrated and searching for the correct answer. Until you figure it out, you’re going to be scratching your head, searching for the answer. Check out this new, hot quiz today!

In the viral puzzle, you’ll see an image that combines lots of horizontal and vertical lines. This makes it appear to be a grid-type image. But hidden within these right angles are actually sixteen circles. The challenge is to find the circles within the sea of straight lines.

I’ll admit that I was left confused. Within the collection of straight lines, I saw nothing resembling a circle. But then I started to think bigger and re-examine the puzzle from a fresh perspective. This really helped me see what I needed to see.

And I wasn’t the only one struggling to get this puzzle solved. Many people shared their strife on social media including…

Nicholas J. Johnson, an Australian author, “confessed that it took him 30 minutes to see through the rectangles and spot the circles. It can be done and once you see them, you won’t be able to un-see them…”

Take a look at the viral image yourself. Do you see anything but rectangles, straight lines and squares? Probably not – unless you have the IQ of Einstein.

But there is a trick to seeing the 16 circles that are most definitely in the puzzle. You need to change the way you’re focusing on the puzzle. Try to look at the vertical lines more closely. Follow them up and down and see how they change in shape and texture. When you do this, the circles will eventually come into focus for you – just like they did for Nicholas Johnson and me.

Were you able to see the sixteen circles or were you stuck on the straight lines like most people.

When Johnson failed to see the circles for half an hour, he eventually shared the following words to inspire others to challenge their senses.

“How many circles are hidden in this picture? It took me literally 30 minutes to find them. The Coffer Illusion works because our brain groups the grey, black and white lines in different ways. They can be grouped into rectangles OR circles. For more on the science of illusion check out Deceptology, my science incursion for high school students.”

What do you think about this new brain teaser and very challenging optical illusion?

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