Can You Figure Out Why Photo Of 6 Friends On A Couch Has Sent The Internet Into Hysteria?

Updated July 13, 2017

It’s time for another installment of a trippy photo that has messed with the entire internet.

At first glance, it’s a group of friends, sitting on a couch – six women smiling and holding drinks and looking like they’re enjoying the moment.

But look closer. Something is amiss.

Or maybe it’s just a crazy optical illusion. At any rate, one of the ladies appears to have no legs and is just a torso.

Time to dissect the pic, first by doing a little top and bottom match of each woman, starting on the left. The first woman, who is pictured holding a beer, is completely intact. As is the woman to next to her, as your gaze moves right.

Then take a look at the third woman, who is holding a glass of wine. Note that there seems to be no corresponding bottom half, but the woman next to her is fully there.

So, what’s the deal with the woman in the middle?

The image first landed on Reddit, with the caption: “Find the middle girl’s legs.”

Who else is stumped? Responses on Reddit ranged from “The second girl’s legs are behind first girl’s legs. I think,” to “I actually think the first girl has get legs draped OVER the second girls legs.”

Yet another noted: “Her left leg is behind #2. The other leg is under #4’s leg. You can see that #4 has two different shoes on.”

Some agreed with this assessment: “I actually think the first girl has got legs draped OVER the second girl’s legs.”

One person weighing in on the comments section of The Mirror’s post about the pic noted: “The girl in the middle is sat with her legs wide open creating the effect of no legs.”

Another had this lengthy explanation: “The girl in the middle has been photoshopped in. The clue is in the fact that her torso is covering the left arm of girl 2 and there does not seem to be sufficient room on the sofa seat for an extra body.  The thing that convinces me most though is girl 2’s hand.  If you look closely, at the hand which is supposed to belong to girl 2 holding a glass (on the right of her body) it is actually a left hand and the fingers are pointing the wrong way – this is probably because the hand has been photoshopped across from its original position in the photograph which is now occupied by the torso of the girl in the middle. I am further convinced by this because the hand and the glass it holds are smaller than they should be that far forward in the picture.”

Another guessed: “the woman in middle has spread legs and others drape theirs over hers.”

The women recreated the setup in this Fox News video clip, explaining how the illusion happened. Once the ladies sorted out whose legs were crossed, it was clear where the middle woman’s legs were. It appears that the black jeans involved played a big part.