Can You Find The Third Person Lurking In This Photo (see answer)

Updated November 9, 2017

This image clearly shows two people. Your eyes will be drawn to them without even trying. They’re standing on the beautiful coast gazing out at the gently rippling water. It’s a serene setting and a place I wouldn’t mind visiting myself one day.

Above them, a craggy and twisted tree reaches out over the shore. It adds a sense of confusion and chaos to the otherwise pristine setting. Based on how close they are standing together, the pair seems to be a couple. The man has his arm around the woman, and together they look out at the water. They’re united in purpose.

But in this scene, a third person is hiding in plain sight. But the internet collectively cannot see them. But can you? Are you able to spot the third person in this image?

If you can’t take your eyes off the couple and the natural setting, you’re going to fail at this challenge. To find the third person in this image, you’ll need to think outside the box. This person is not the kind you’re likely to be expecting.

To figure this out, you’ll need to take a close look at the branches and the coast. It has been transformed slightly with the touch of a master Photoshop artist to resemble something extraordinary. You could even say it is a miracle.

Most people cannot see the miracle. But I’ll give you a hint. It’s not a grown adult. And the person is not depicted on the same scale as the couple you see standing along the shore.

The answer? The third person in the picture is a baby. You can see its outline along the coast and in the branches. The baby fits perfectly in with the setting, so it can be difficult to spot.

While some people say the baby was “intentionally drawn” into the setting, others claim it was just a coincidence. I think someone saw it in the scene and then used Photoshop to highlight it to create the illusion.

The image first appeared on guff’s collection of optical illusions.

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Some people have said that this image is symbolic. The baby represents the child growing within the woman. That’s the reason the man is holding her so close. They’re looking out at the calm water knowing that their life together is about to change. With the addition of a baby into their house, they’ll become parents and will have a little one to take care of. If this were a pregnancy announcement, it would be a very clever image. Hopefully, someone used it for that when it was created initially. If not, something like this should be done, as it would most certainly go viral.

Did you see the baby in the image right away or did it take you a few moments to spot it?