Can You Find The Two Cats Hidden In This Picture? It’s Not As Simple As It Seems

Updated August 7, 2017

There aren’t too many people who don’t like a good old-fashioned hidden picture challenge. And if you were lucky enough to have a subscription to Highlights Magazine as a child, then surely you know about finding some secretly placed images in a bigger picture. If you were a child in the 90s there is a good chance you know about “Where’s Waldo.” The little man in the red and white striped shirt and blue pants was a celebrity amongst youngsters as they worked hard to find good old Waldo’s tiny body amongst the colorful traveling scenes. Waldo became a hit and soon there were several books lining the shelves of bookstores for eager kids to track down their pal in the red and white striped hat.

Not only are hidden pictures a whole lot of fun, but they also provide good use of memory and attention to detail. When you spend time analyzing an image, you also gain the benefits that come along with pattern recognition, which certainly comes in handy in other parts of life. Parents love these books filled with hidden pictures because they provide a fun and educational game for kids to do, and sometimes it can provide for hours of entertainment.

There is one hidden picture challenge that has been circulating the internet and challenging a whole lot of viewers. It’s not surprising that puzzle fans are getting stumped with this puzzle. Thanks to good artwork and a little creativity, the artist was able to insert some hidden pictures amongst the 19th Century scene.

The image shows a mother, father and little girl as they enjoy an evening at home. The little girl plays with a doll on the floor, the dad reads the newspaper and the mom appears to be sitting in a chair relaxing. Just a classic scene of most evenings spent at home.

But, there are two other family members not mentioned…the family cats.

Can you find them?

If you spotted a cat lying on the floor beneath the father’s legs, then you have found the first one. The shading of the image serves as an optical illusion. When you first look at this image, there is a good chance you think the father is simply resting his legs on a footrest.

The second cat is a little more difficult to spot, but if you look on the mom’s lap, you realize that she is not only relaxing but she’s petting the other cat as she does so. The image of the second cat is much lighter and harder to spot because of the thin lines.

One of the major challenges with this puzzle is the fact that the image is in all black and white. When we attempt to find a hidden picture we typically try to start with narrowing down the color of the picture first. So, if it asks you to find a yellow pencil, surely you will look for the color yellow first and you will surpass any other color that is in the picture.