Can You Spot The Two Predators Hiding In Plain Sight? We Bet You Can’t. Find Out If You’re Right…

Updated April 6, 2016

Leopards are famous for their ability to camouflage in with their surroundings. But before these images of a woodland area went viral online, many people were clueless just how well these deadly predators can hide in plain sight.

In the pictures below, two leopards are hiding and are ready to pounce. Can you spot the African big cats among the trees?

Using the trees to get an upper hand, two African leopards are camouflaged among the foliage as they stalk unknowing and vulnerable prey.

These images were snapped at the beautiful South African Kruger National Park by South African guide and nature photographer Arno Pietersen during one of his tours through the park.

Pieterson, 30, explains that in the image, the leopards are staying out of sight from a hyena down below.

“The leopards were trapped in the tree because the hyena was waiting on the ground for them. There are lots of competition between the predators, and hyenas will try to kill leopard cubs if the opportunity arises.”

If you’re still unable to spot the big cats, a zoomed in photograph should help.

When you finally see the African big cats, you’ll see just how well their spots help them blend in with their natural surroundings.


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