Can You Spot The Woman Who Isn’t Wearing Anything In This Photo? Those Who Can Have Perfect Vision..

Updated January 28, 2016

At first glance, you may think “Great, more women on the internet.”  But do not be skeptical!  These pictures are actually part of an art project by Jorg Dusterwald, of Hameln, Germany.

 In these photos, a woman who is completely covered in body paint stands or lays in a forest.  She is painted with detailed camouflage, causing her to blend in with the scenery and making her hard to recognize in the photographs.  

The photographer, who is 49 years old, shot these pictures in a forest in Brullsen, Germany.  Dusterwald has been creating art for twenty years, including for advertisements and TV marketing campaigns.  In the past, he has used photography to capture models in places like fishing ports and garages.

Each of these pieces of art requires a slow and tedious process to bring them to life.  First, the model is positioned, and then Dusterwald paints her.  This process can take many hours, requiring impressive patience on the behalf of both the woman and Dusterwald.  

Can you imagine having to stand still for several hours while you are being painted, all just for a split second photograph?  Or how about going through the effort to paint somebody’s entire body just for one piece of art?  The dedication required to complete this kind of art project is incredible, but the final product is definitely worth the time put in.

What does this art signify to you?  It could show the connection between humankind and nature, or compare natural beauty to physical beauty.  Of course, it could mean something else entirely to you.

 Check out these pictures, see if you can find the model, and be sure to check out the rest of Jorg Dusterwald’s work!