Can You Spot Which Kid Is Causing Church Choir Video To Gain National Headlines (video)

Updated November 14, 2017

A video of six-year-old Loren Patterson from Dickson, Tennessee performing with her church choir has gotten huge attention.Patterson’s energy and love for the music is evident, as she is seen dancing and clapping along while she sings. Many are finding the performance of Zach Williams’ “Old Church Choir” during the church service to be inspiring. Her mom, Jennifer Patterson, who was in the church’s adult choir singing behind the children’s choir, told ABC News: “I could tell something was going on, but I couldn’t tell what it was. When I saw the video, I just couldn’t believe what she was doing.”

She added, “That is 100 percent her personality. She was just going with the Lord.”

This was her daughter’s first time singing in public with the First Baptist Church choir and it’s easy to see that she had no stage fright or nerves about the performance. Her mother explained, “She just moved onto the next thing. It was nothing to her.”

Patterson explained that her daughter listens to the song and Christian radio in the car and at home. After posting the video of the cute moment on Facebook, it got more than 35 million views and nearly 600,000 shares.

Patterson explained that she loves all the messages that she’s gotten from people viewing the video, noting: “I’ve gotten them from around the world, from people saying they’ve been blessed in one way or another. One I remember in particular was a woman who renewed her faith just because she felt the conviction when she watched the video.”

Powerful stuff!

Zach Williams’ wife also contacted Patterson about the adorable performance.

The comments on the YouTube video show just how meaningful the video was to those who watched, with one commenter noting: “I was really hoping you would put this on YouTube! Your daughter is changing lives! I showed this to my 89 year-old mother who is having a tough time transitioning from living on her own to being in an assisted living center. Mom has decided there ain’t nothing going to steal her joy either! Loren did that. Mom and I have watched this together every day since I first saw it on Facebook last Tuesday.”

Another noted: “Loren is a lesson for us all. Sometimes we pay entirely too much attention to what others think and are doing. We keep ourselves from being who God created us to be. I’m grateful for Loren. She ministered to me. I was kind of down until I saw her. She is A GIFT.”

One commenter spoke to the spirit of children in general, writing: “This is the cutest most sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. God bless her beautiful soul. I have a niece like this. Music is just in her soul. My children love music too. But this just makes my heart smile every time I watch it. Thank you Loren.”

Many people commented on how this video requires repeat viewing: “This precious child has brought so much joy to everyone who has watched her. I myself have already watched her at least 12 times so far.”