Can You Tell Which Of These Identical Twins Is The Mom? I Bet You Don’t Guess Correctly

Updated November 22, 2016

Pregnancy and motherhood are not easy. They cause a lot of discomfort, lots of stress, and take a toll on a woman’s body. While she is pregnant, she is eating for two, breathing for two, and living for two. While pregnancy and motherhood are a blessing that many people get to enjoy, rumor has it that it takes a toll on your looks. It can cause saggy skin, make you age faster than women who don’t have babies, and more. But could that just be an urban legend or a myth? Does pregnancy and mother really make you look older?

Recently, Daily Mail Online ran a social experiment where they challenged their readers to see if they could identify which of the identical twins in the photos is a mother. Do you think it shows on their faces and bodies? Check it out below and take the strange new test that’s sweeping across the internet!

Before you get busy taking the test, you should know some information. A new survey revealed that of the 7,500 women questioned mothers have hardly any time or money for pampering – unless you’re Kim Kardashian.

Additionally, about 33 percent of childless women spend about 2 hours per day on their beauty regimen. Only 17 percent of mothers have the same dedication to their looks.

Non-parents spend more money on clothes for themselves and also work longer hours than their colleagues with children.

Four sets of female twins have posed for the camera in order to see if you can tell which ones are mothers. Try the quiz now!


Sheena Jeavons is a 31-year-old single woman with a career in customer service. While Susan, the mother, settled down when she was 17, Sheena went out partying.

Can you tell which of these blonde women in the red dress is the mother?

The next pair includes 40-year-old single mother Kelly Beament.  Her son, Leo is five. She lives in Essex, United Kingdom.


She says: “f anything, there are days when I look at my twin Georgina and she looks tired. I may be a single mum but she’s got a very stressful commute into London and a busy job and that can show in your face. If I ever mention it, she gets a bit upset but I know she takes it on board because she ups her exercise and improves her diet.”

On the other hand, Kelly’s identical twin Georgina, lives in West Sussex with her 39-year-old partner. She has a career as a senior data analyst. She says: “When I look at Kelly, I don’t think she looks a day older or younger than me and she’ll probably say the same. But I can’t see any difference facially between us.”

Can you tell which of these women is the mother?

28-year-old Tarryne Cooper-Collins works as a deputy care manager and is single and lives with her 4-year-old son. She says: “Rushing around every morning getting my son ready for school I’ve barely time to think about my appearance. I used to love clothes and make-up before, but now my priority is leaving the house on time.”


Her sister, Jade Cooper-Collins, 28, is an art director for a magazine publisher. She lives the single life in South-West London. She says: “Tarryne possibly looks a little bit older than me from day-to-day, simply because she doesn’t have as much time or money to spend on herself. Whereas I can spend time dyeing my hair different colors, wear make-up every day and spend more on skincare, her main priority is George.”

Which woman is a mom?

49-year-old Claire Hutchins has a 13-year-old son. She lives with her husband and works in a shop and as an exam invigilator. She said: “[I gained weight] during pregnancy and thanks to sleepless nights I looked worn out while Louise was still a slim, and fresh-faced size 10. It spurred me on though, and I worked hard to get my figure back, with Louise helping to look after Luke so I could go for a run.”


Her twin sister, Louise Jenkins works in sales and admin. She says: “Style-wise, we’re both very casual, although Claire probably started wearing flatter shoes sooner than I did. She was a busy mum going to playgroups whereas I was still in a uniform, working for a bank.”

Were you able to guess which of these twins was a mom?





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