Canoers Riding By Overgrown Weeds, Spot Dire Situation; Take Immediate Action

Updated September 11, 2017

This animal clearly found itself away from the herd and in a very dangerous situation. Thankfully, someone spotted the situation and took swift action.

A group of canoers paddled up a river, noticing that something was wrapped up in the weeds. They never would have expected what they found.

A sheep had fallen into the river in Wales and was unable to get out of the water because it was tangled up in the weeds and undergrowth.

With nowhere to go, it seemed the animal’s outcome would be a tragic one, but thankfully, the canoers found the animal and were able to help. Initially, they couldn’t identify the white mass they encountered, but one man jumped out of the boat, wading over to investigate the matter.

He discovered the sheep and was thankfully able to free it from the weeds. Now free, they placed the sheep in their canoe and the animal seemed quite alright with the rescue mission.

After they paddled to higher ground, they were able to set the animal free.

One of the animal’s rescuers noted: “Whilst canoeing along the River Wye, one of my fellow paddlers noticed a sheep that had fallen into the river. I set about to rescue the stricken animal and I was successful.”

This isn’t the first rescue of its kind, as earlier this year, a good Samaritan rescued a sheep in a similar situation. NTD Television posted video of that rescue, writing: “A video has emerged from the UK of a man rescuing a sheep from a river in South Wales. The footage, captured on May 10, shows the man using all his might to push the animal onto the bank. ‘My husband and I were walking back from the beach in our local village Llangennith, Swansea, when we came across the sheep and her lambs,’ the filmer later wrote online. ‘We couldn’t just walk past and leave it to die, we didn’t know which farmer it belonged to at the time, so my husband Jon decided to try and help.'”

The rescuer added, “Once the sheep was safe on dry land we managed to track the farmer down. He came very quickly to pick her up in his tractor, took her back to his barn, put her under lamps (she was so very cold and shivering very badly) for the night and the next day she had completely recovered and was reunited with her two lambs.”

Thank goodness for kind people in this world!

Commenters left many notes of thanks on the Facebook post, including: “God bless you folks for helping this poor lamb. I’m glad you located the owner and he acted quickly to put her under warming lamps. I am so glad she is ok…thanks to you! God bless you!”

One person noted that sheep are pretty heavy, weighing in with this comment: “That’s great news. Amazing how heavy a wet sheep weighs. Well done.”

Another commenter added: “For every person I see on the street angry about something, I see someone like this, that restore my faith in humanity. Thank GOD for people like this.”