Case Of Teen Who Went Missing After Taking Out The Trash A Year Go Just Took A Strange Turn

Updated June 16, 2017

When a young person goes missing, it touches our hearts. To think of a little one or a teen vanishing from a family is heartbreaking. No one wants to think about losing their own son or daughter. It is just too hard to accept. But teenager Alissia Freeman has not been seen since 2015. As you can imagine, this is horrible for her mother Vickie Metcalf. But now a mysterious phone call has uncovered the truth about the teen’s sudden disappearance.

Alissia left the house to take out the trash and never came back. That’s what mom Vickie is dealing with in this disappearance.

She was living in Alabama with her family when Alissia, only 17 at the time, went missing. Her mother was particularly devastated on that Sunday in December when she last saw her daughter.

It was around 4:30pm on December 13 when Alissia took the trash out of her bedroom. But then she never came back. Her mom didn’t know what happened.

After growing worried, Alissia’s family started looking for her. They began by asking the neighbors if they had seen anything. One of them had. They had seen Alissia walking down the street not carrying a single thing.

Everyone assumed she had run away. Investigators first thought that when they saw that her computer hard drive was erased and her Facebook account deleted.

But Vickie had no idea why she would leave. She had gotten along with her family perfectly – or so it seemed to mom.

Maybe she had met someone online and ran off with him?

That’s when the FBI joined the local sheriff in the search. But they had little to go on.

For the next few months, no one heard a thing about Alissia. Although investigators spent hundreds of hours and offered a $13,500 reward for information, they got nothing from the public.

Someone was hiding something.

Then the Alissia sightings started coming in. Some came from her Alabama community while others came in from Atlanta and New Orleans.

That’s when her mom set up a Facebook page in a desperate attempt to find her daughter. Mom hoped someone would provide information.

Instead, scammers targeted them for a quick buck. One tipster said that Alissia had been captured and sold into sex trafficking. They knew someone selling Alissia for $70,000 – which was effectively a ransom.

Fortunately, they ran the tip through the FBI, who determined it was a hoax coming from Russia.

Vickie never lost faith.

“Some nights I sleep alright,” she told “Sometimes not so much. I am just trying to keep faith that she will be coming home soon. Some days it is harder than others, even though we have faith she will come home. We miss her and really worry about her.”

Then in April 2017, Alissia videocalled her mom. She was safe and sound in El Paso, Texas – more than 1,000 miles from home.

Although it was probably a scam, Vicki felt “good about [the call].”

She posted to Facebook, “She is safe and okay! We know you all will have lots of questions, but right now all we can say is that she is alright and that is what is most important.”

Days later they were reunited. But the FBI wasn’t so sure. They demanded that the young woman take a DNA test.

She passed.

Since the Vicki has declined to tell the public where her daughter was all this time.

Instead saying that she “went through some things when she was younger.” The mother added, “She’s had a hard time with it, and our communication wasn’t the best, and she didn’t think I’d understand. She is just trying to heal now.”

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