Cat Waits Patiently At The Door For His Soldier Owner To Come Home, Has The Best Reaction

Updated November 27, 2017

Have you ever browsed the dozens of videos of dogs welcoming their brave soldiers home from duty? They’re inspiring and heartwarming moments that were fortunately caught on film. When the soldier walks in the door after months away from home, their canines jump for joy at their homecoming. It is an inspiring moment that millions have fallen in love with.

But today we have something different for you. Instead of a dog, we have a video of a housecat welcoming home his soldier.

As it turns out, at least from this video, cats can be just as eager and excited to welcome home a brave soldier as dogs. While this is undoubtedly not as publicized as dogs’ reactions, this video proves that cats are just as eager as dogs to be at the door waiting for the moment of truth.

This ragdoll cat is named Finn. He proves that cats are just as awesome as dogs can be. All cat people need to watch this video and share it with their followers to demonstrate to dog people that cats are not all standoffish and hoity-toity. Other people try to claim that cats don’t love. This video puts those rumors to rest forever.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and has since been viewed millions of times. At the time of this writing, the clip below has more than 13 million views from patriots and cat lovers like you. The following are some of the most popular comments shared:

“Welcome home ~ Love that leap into your arms!  Beautiful cat!”

“Great video. Thanks for protecting all of us so we can enjoy our freedom here in the USA. Your cat knows a real hero, and that’s you. God bless you and the other soldiers like you who fight for our wonderful country.”

“I have a cat, and one day I will get a dog since I do adore them. But I can’t have it now, cause my parents won’t allow it. Every time I go somewhere, even If I’m away for like 5 minutes, my cat senses me while I’m in front of the building, he lays in front of our doorways and meows until I come.”

One person got to the heart of the dog and cat debate.

“I still can’t believe I hated cats… I will NEVER hate cats again! Cats are awesome, of course, cats love their owners too! I love cats just as much as I love dogs now. Dogs rule. Cats rule!”

Another person agreed, “I hate that stupid comparison between dogs and cats, both are nice. Stop with this comparison.”

One so-called “Cat daddy” was quick to point out why he still prefers cats over dogs.

“Never quite understood why dogs are associated with masculinity, and cats with femininity. Dogs are preferred by emotionally needy people who require a constant source of praise and gratification. Whereas cats–they’re descended from lions, tigers, leopards! They have a touch of wild in them that they simply do not forgo, no matter how long they’re domesticated. They’re exquisite innate HUNTERS, carnivores, and independent! I am proud to be a cat daddy!”

Check out this awesome footage below. It has gone viral for a good reason. And if you’re a military supporter, you’ll enjoy it even more.