Parents Devastated 4-Year-Old Dies In His Sleep, Then His Autopsy Blood Tests Came Back

Updated May 11, 2017

This is an absolutely heartbreaking story.

The cause of death for a Milwaukee four-year-old boy was found to be “acute methadone intoxication.”

According to a report from Crime Watch Daily, officials with the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office explained that the April 15 death of this child due to opiate overdose is not the first case, as little Tyran Beckless is the seventh child under five to die of this cause in the past 19 months.

It’s absolutely startling that something like this can even happen.

Tyran’s great aunt, Lashonda Taylor, said the boy went to sleep at his home with his mother, father, one-year-old sister and five-year-old brother that day, but he didn’t wake up the next morning.

She explained, “It’s just not real to me right now. Like my nephew said, he went to sleep with his little brother and he woke up…and I guess he felt his brother and he felt like ice to him.”

The child’s great-grandmother, Jettoria Wimbley, said, “He was my heart. He was a good baby. I loved him to death, I really did.”

According to Milwaukee police, two people were arrested after his death.

A neighbor commented to WISN12 News: “They say he’s about five years old. It’s awful. It’s not good for the neighborhood. It’s not good at all.”

People weighed in on the sad case at Crime Watch Daily site, with one commenter giving their take on this sad reality: “The opiate epidemic isn’t going away anytime soon therefore I think public health should pass out lock boxes for the addicts to keep there stuff in this little boy lost his life to something preventable and treatable. The sad part is he isn’t even the one with the addiction he just happened to have a parent with this problem. Addiction is treatable, preventing little ones to having access to the drugs is a big step and also getting the parent in proper treatment.”

The commenter continued: “At the very least we need to be protecting our little ones they are truly innocent. Parents who are addicts have a responsibility to seek help and treatment for their sake and their children’s sake r.i.p little one. If this was a case of a parent getting medicine assisted detox then there is absolutely no reason their medicine should have not been in their lock box. They are required by the state and the treatment center to keep their medicine locked up at all times except for dosing only. I truly hope his family gets the help they need.”

Another agreed with them, writing: “You’re so right. It’s called a controlled substance hence, control your substance. This could have been avoided and should have been. Poor baby. Rather the med was for pain or for weaning off of other opioids, this is reckless. Poor baby never stood a chance. R.I.P. sweet baby. People need to wake up and see, opioids are going to end up killing at least one generation if something doesn’t give and soon.”