Celebrity’s Reaction To Being Told Her Dress Looks Nice Has Caused Outrage All Over America : AWM

Celebrity’s Reaction To Being Told Her Dress Looks Nice Has Caused Outrage All Over America

The effort to restrict the world into a politically correct bubble is relentless. People get outraged about anything and everything. And they proceed to escalate these non-existent problems into something that the whole country is talking about. The latest non-issue comes from famous actor Ashley Judd. Because a man gave Ashley Judd a compliment about how she looked, she took out her phone and proceeded to record a video about how the man should be fired – for complimenting her. But because she got offended over something like that, the incident proceeded to blow up in her face. Real women came out of the woodworks to tell her to stop being ridiculous. Not only did she record the video, she broadcast it on Facebook Live ordering people to fire the man because he issued her a kind compliment.


The entitlement of the liberal bubble is so easily popped. To think how a compliment could derail a famed actress? Her worldview must be super thin and weak if this kind of thing can take a rich actress down a few notches, how would liberals like her react to something that really mattered?

Over the weekend, Judd was at the airport when a man gave her a compliment. It was outrageous, according to her. While ordinary people wouldn’t bat an eye at receiving a compliment – and would probably even feel grateful – Ashley Judd, who professed to be a warrior for the people, thought it was sexist and unacceptable.

“I was coming through security and a guy said, ‘Hey sweetheart’ And I said, ‘I’m not your sweetheart. I am your client.’ Then when I was setting my things out he said, ‘Hey nice dress.’”

Because the man had gone too far in her opinion, Judd called over a manager and reported the man’s behavior. She wanted to get the guy fired for his behavior toward her. And later, the manager apologized for the man’s behavior. But members of the public thought her outrage was unnecessary.


She had thought the public would call her a hero for the everywoman. But instead, women from around the country started criticizing her for her outburst. Women from around the nation shared some brutal replies that gave Judd a reality check.

“You are truly what’s wrong with America,” Heather Audis wrote. “Idiot liberals like you find something to be offended about every single day! Being nice is now offensive! You need to get a life! You really are a nasty woman.”

“You’re part of the problem as to why chivalry is dying,” Natalie Gebhard wrote. “There is no problem with someone giving a compliment. Get real. Not everybody wants you. Prayers for the fella you needlessly tried to get in trouble.

These two women were not alone. Many people came forward to slam Judd for her liberal agenda. Do you agree that she went too far? Should she be ashamed of the way she reacted?

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