Cell Phone Companies Are Panicking Over New Study Linking Cell Phone Use And Cancer

Updated September 7, 2016

It is no longer speculation. Cellphone radiation poses a cancer risk for humans, the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) reported in March 2016. The article comes as government issues its warning to the public following a $25 million study that rats exposed to GSM or CDMA signals for two-years were at a statistically significant higher risk of cancer.

Since everyone in America is exposed to wireless radiation almost all the time, NTP senior managers think the public should be aware that their cellphones may cause brain tumors.

If you own a cellphone, you and your family are potentially at higher risk for cancer. Learn more about this below…

In the past, many doctors, biologists, government officials, and other professionals believe that cancer from cellphone radiation was impossible. But their faulty view was based on a lack of evidence to connect the two. But now that an established mechanism for RF radiation from cellphones has been documented, these claims no longer seem valid.

For example, the same week these findings were released, a Michigan medical doctor wrote in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal: “There is no known mechanism by which mobile phones might cause brain tumors.” He seems to be wrong.

According to the NTP findings, as the intensity of the radiation increases, so does the incidence of cancer among the lab rats.

“There was a significant dose-response relationship,” a reliable source, who has been briefed on the results, told Microwave News.

While rats got cancer, no effect was observed on mice.

Rats were exposed to different exposure levels as well as two different kinds of cell phone radiation.

Rats exposed to cellphone radiation were found to have higher rates of two types of cancer.

The first, glioma, is a tumor of the glial cells in the brain. The second was malignant schwannoma of the heart which is very rare and dangerous.

None of the rats not exposed to cellphone radiation developed either type of cancer.

“The NTP tested the hypothesis that cell phone radiation could not cause health effects and that hypothesis has now been disproved,” Ron Melnick, who led the team that designed the NTP study, said in a telephone interview. “The experiment has been done and, after extensive reviews, the consensus is that there was a carcinogenic effect.”

“These data redefine the cell phone radiation controversy,” Melnick said.

The safety of cellphones has been a heated debate for more than two decades. But in 2011 when the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified cellphones as a possible human carcinogen.

“This is a major public health concern because the cells which became cancerous in the rats were the same types of cells as those that have been reported to develop into tumors in cell phone epidemiological studies,” Melnick added. “For this to be a chance coincidence would be truly amazing.”

The NTP radiation study was conducted for more than a decade and had a $25 million budget.

Because the results of the study were so alarming, the NTP alerted the highest leaders in the National Institute of Health.

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