Chelsea Manning Delivers Vile Message About Our Veterans, Strangers Respond Accordingly

Updated November 14, 2017

November 11th was a day for Americans to pay respect to the men and women who have served in the United States armed forces. And millions of Americans take time out of their weekend to show the necessary respect. Because the brave men and women wear a uniform in the name of democracy and freedom, we can thank them for the nation that we have today. Without them, the United States and the world at large would not be as high as it is.

On this commemorative holiday, businesses around the country open their doors to veterans. They give them free meals, free drinks, discounts on service, and so much more. But the most important thing Americans can do on this day for veterans is to go out of their way to show them respect.

On the special day that brings millions of Americans together to support our troops, there always has to be someone to mess up the celebration. This year it was Chelsea Manning. Via Twitter, she started a firestorm debate that riled up thousands of people.

She wrote, “Want to support veterans!? Stop sending us overseas to kill or be killed for your nationalist fairy tales. We can do better. #WeGotThis #VeteransDay.”

As you can imagine, a heated remark like this stirred up much controversy. Thousands turned up to commented and reply to Manning’s shocking remark. And some of the most patriotic comments encouraged Manning to just sit out Veterans Day and let the patriots enjoy the honor that is due to them.

Ron Clements wrote, “Coming from someone who was convicted of treason and dishonorably discharged. You need to sit this one out. You lost your right to voice an opinion.”

Hundreds of people seemed to agree with Clements’s comment.

James Allen also shared a rebuttal to Chelsea Manning’s tweet.

“You are not a veteran. You have a Dishonorable Discharge. I am a veteran. I have an Honorable Discharge.”

Brian O’Kelley also joined the tirade.

“You forfeited any claim to veteran status when you committed treason. Please STFU and STFD!”

Roy Batty added, “You’re a traitor and dishonorably discharged. This makes you not part of us. We were the ones who served with honor and held to the code and our oath.”

Because Manning was ejected from the United States Army on a dishonorable discharge, many people pointed out that she doesn’t earn the coveted “veteran” status that millions of Americans put their lives on the line to get.

A Twitter user by the name of Diane wrote, “You were dishonorably discharged. You are no a Veteran (by official definition) and have no right to that title.”

BMK wrote, “Too bad you don’t fit into the category of veterans. You forfeit that right when you violate federal laws and bring harm to the troops. #Traitor.”

Another user named Cate wrote, “No. There is no ‘us.’ When you are dishonorably discharged, you are a veteran no longer. There’s also the traitor thing.”

Do you agree that Chelsea Manning should quit the commentary on Veteran’s Day?