Chick-fil-A Worker Doesn’t Realize Mom Is Recording, Captures What She Does To Her Daughter : AWM

Chick-fil-A Worker Doesn’t Realize Mom Is Recording, Captures What She Does To Her Daughter

22-year-old Cynthia Walker is dependent on her parents. She has CHARGE Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder. It affects her eyes, intellectual capabilities, genitals, and heart. It also has made her permanently deaf. And this has been challenging for her and her parents. She has had to learn sign language and so have her parents. But during a recent trip to a Chick-fil-A in Fayetteville, North Carolina an employee noticed that Cynthia was hard of hearing.

And because she was skilled in sign language, she was able to communicate directly with her. And this did wonder to help Cynthia gain some independence in her life.

The employee’s name was Taylor. And she made a great impression on Cynthia’s mother who was with her on the trip to the fast food restaurant.

“Taylor did not miss a beat on greeting us with a warm smile, and asking my daughter first what she would like,” Cynthia’s mother, Terri Gioia, wrote on Facebook.

She happened to record a video of the Chick-fil-A worker speaking in sign language with Cynthia. And she was so proud to see them communicating that she was nearly brought to tears.

She later shared the video on the Love What Matters Facebook page and it subsequently went viral.

“My daughter was so surprised and happy. She even asked me how that lady knew how to sign to her,” her mother wrote on Facebook. “Taylor has only been employed there for a couple of weeks and she is already so efficient in her job. We will make this location our regular stop. Everyone there was so courteous and walking around checking on customers. Great job to the manager for having an awesome team!”

It seems like Taylor should get a raise for her spectacular customer service skills.

Viewers were very impressed with the Chick-fil-A employee’s ability to speak sign language with the deaf customer. Here were a few comments shared on the post:

“So sweet! I wish sign language was taught in schools more often so that people who are deaf or like this young lady feel like they can communicate a little eaiser,” Cailey Marie Sparks wrote.

Others were inspired to open up about their own stories.

“This is awesome!” wrote Melissa Kapuszcak. “I’m a court clerk and I speak a small amount of Spanish that I always offer to use for Spanish speaking defendants until we can arrange for a proper interpreter. Just being able to tell someone when their adjourned date is and how to call for an attorney can greatly decrease their anxiety.”

Walker and her family have been looking for support from friends and family for a few years. They created a GoFundMe account at the end of 2015 and said that Walker needed a service dog. The fundraising effort would go to paying for that dog.

Walker loves to go out eating – and now Chick-fil-A is probably her favorite place to go. She also likes to write with the help of her mother.

“My daddy and I share a pizza night once a week and mommy and I have a Chinese night,” she shared.