Child “Alien” Skull Found In Crimea Has Gut-Wrenching Explanation For Deformation.

Updated July 31, 2017

In Crimea, archaeologists have uncovered a cone-shaped, deformed “alien” skull from a toddler. Although one might assume as much, the child was not born with his skull shaped like this. Instead, the boy had his head bound with material in a Sarmatian tradition to create a race of child warriors from more than 2,000 years ago. The misshapen skull was uncovered at a burial site in Kyz-Aul. The site is close to Kerch. The adults would bind children’s heads to artificially lengthen them. This was common practice in the Sarmatian culture. The practitioners believed that changing the shape of their warriors’ skulls would make them more aggressive and stronger in character. Unfortunately, this toddler did not make it of age to engage in any battles.

The toddler’s skull found at the burial site comes from a boy between 18 and 24 months of age.

The so-called “alien’s grave” was found near a multi-billion-dollar dig site for a new bridge being put in Crimea.

The alien-like skulls were found near where Vladimir Putin has commission the construction of the bridge, which will connect the Crimean peninsula that was annexed from Ukraine in 2014 to mainland Russia.

Russian state authorities confirmed “some adherents of ‘ancient astronauts’ theories claim that the owners of such lengthened skulls may be human-extraterrestrial hybrids.”

The boy was a warrior from the second century AD. He was just learning to walk and talk when he died.

The scientist involved in the strange find, Nikolay Sudarev from the Archaeology Institute of Russian Academy of Scientists denied any connection to alien civilizations or colonization of Earth.

“Elongated skulls were traditional for the Sarmatian culture,” he said. “They thought this was more beautiful.”

The skull of the toddler and others like him had the sign of the “true warrior” of the Sarmatian culture. The process of deformation wasn’t just practiced by the Sarmatians but other ancient cultures too.

Practitioners would begin deforming the babies’ skull when their bones were still soft. They didn’t use surgery but wooden planks that were tied to the skull. These pressed on the bones and changed the way they grew, altering the shape.

Besides the toddler skeleton with the ‘alien’ head was a clay vessel. There were also tiny beads near the body. The small boy’s arm was wrapped with a copper bracelet. The boy was identified as a male. But the Sarmatians did not discriminate based on gender when recruiting warriors into their armies. They used their deadly female warriors too. And these women were vital in the Sarmatians conquering Crimea in ancient times. The Amazons were inspired by how the Sarmatians used women and men to fight their battles.

Lots of comments about the deformed skull were shared on Mail Online. Here were some:

“This sounds as sad as [Chinese] foot-binding.”

“Very common in South America also. It’s so interesting that there were so many similarities amongst cultures thousands of years ago across different continents.”

What do you think about this ancient practice of deforming the toddler’s skull to make him a “more aggressive” warrior?

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