Children’s Hospital Hosts Special Prom For Teens Who Are Too Sick To Attend Their Real Ones

Updated May 9, 2017

Sick high school students across America are fretting right now. For those that are stuck in the hospital while their classmates are dancing their lives away at junior or senior prom, this time of year is particularly painful. But some children, who are battling diseases and health problems, do not have the privilege to get out of the hospital and go to the school dance.

Because one children’s hospital understood this dilemma, they organized an epic prom to give these sick kids a chance to enjoy themselves with each other and friends. It was an amazing chance for kids to dance, dress up and be themselves. And most importantly forget that they are “sick kid” and just be normal.

Inside Edition ran a report on this amazing moment and shared it on YouTube. Below you can watch the video and see the kids having a blast in front of everyone. Enjoy!

Duke’s Children Hospital is located in North Carolina. They have the kids in their wards the opportunity to enjoy themselves by bringing the prom to them.

Patients ages twelve and up were given the chance to dress up and dance their hearts out. The kids also got a chance to take funny photos with a photo booth. You know how fun those can be…

Prof. George Grody organized the prom at Duke’s Children’s Hospital. At first he worried that the dance floor was going to be too big. He didn’t know if the kids would really want to get out there and dance.

“At first we’re thinking, ‘boy maybe that dance floor is too big.’ And now when we do it next year, we gotta get a bigger dance floor. So, it was just a great opportunity for a lot of kids to come into a building that sometimes isn’t a fun place to visit but have a lot of fun,” shared Grody.

For these teens battling difficult health issues, getting a chance to be like any other teen was therapeutic. And now Duke knows it was a success and can’t wait to do it next year.

“It’s hard sometimes having disabilities. You don’t know how others are going to react. But everyone here is so amazing and so accepting and like, I just love it. I don’t feel different,” one teen said.

Inside Edition shared the following caption to educate viewers on the special occasion: “Believing every kid should have a chance to attend prom, one hospital held an event for patients who may never be able to experience the dance. Duke Children’s Hospital in North Carolina gave patients ages 12 and up the opportunity to dress up, take funny photos, and get down on the dance floor. For teens battling health issues, it was therapeutic to get a night to feel just like any other teen.”

Watch the heartwarming video below to see these kids enjoying life as a teen.

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